Some choices of fruits for diet

fruits for diet

Some choices of fruits for diet

Vegetables and fruit are healthy menus that are very reliable for some people. Moreover, this type of food also contains lots of vitamins and proteins needed by the whole body. This makes some people even try to become fruitarian or switch to consuming fruits as the main food. There are many important benefits when consuming the fruit.

Some choices of fruits for diet

The ideal consumption of fruit can also be an important part of a diet program to reduce excess weight. However, support from nutritionists needed and the calculation of nutrients is ideal. Fruits with fiber, water and vitamins are abundant can help you who are running a diet program. Here are some choices of fruits for diet, such as:


  1. Strawberry also good for the diet

Strawberry with its sweet and sour taste turned out to be suitable for a diet program because of the content of vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin E and vitamin K. Fruits for diet in the form of strawberries can be made as salads, smoothies, pudding etc.

Fruit for a strawberry diet can increase the production of hormones diponectin and leptin which are useful for increasing the body’s metabolism and are beneficial in the process of burning fat. So that it will make the body healthier and lose weight.


  1. Melon with high potassium content

Melon is one of the fruits for diet that contains potassium needed by the body. With the potassium content as possessed by bananas, it is very useful to make all the organs of the human body including cells work well. The fruit for this diet is also responsible for carrying out a role with chloride, sodium, magnesium and calcium in carrying out electrical functions in the body.

For a diet program you can make melon as juice, salad, or eat it directly. But for those of you who have a low blood history not advised to consume this fruit in large portions or choose other fruits for your diet program.


  1. Apples as the main fruit for the diet

Apples are one of the fruits for diet that has a lot of mineral and vitamin content which is equal to the level of fiber it has. The content of these compounds effectively makes body weight decrease. Besides apples are also rich in fiber but have low amounts of calories. By consuming apples as a fruit for your diet, your digestion will be smooth and with low calories will keep your body weight ideal.


  1. The vitamin content in pear fruit is also good

For those of you who love pear fruit you deserve to be proud because this fruit can be an alternative fruit for your diet to get the ideal body weight. This is because pear has higher fiber content than the fiber content of other fruits. High fiber content makes you feel full so that it can be a surefire way to lose weight.

Besides the high fiber content in pear, it is also rich in potassium to nourish the heart and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol found in the body.


  1. Bananas with various preparations

Banana is indeed fruits for diet with a delicious taste and has a diverse content for health. Bananas are the monkey’s favorite, but you should not frown before, we rarely see obese monkey. For that you can make bananas as a fruit for the diet because of the fiber content and potassium which are of equal height. The two compounds contained in bananas are useful to help reduce excess weight.

In addition, 1 banana also contains vitamin B6 which is enough for our body every day. Vitamin B6 in the fruit for this diet is beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease and strengthen the immune system. if we talk about health, also it’s not a bad ideas if you could visit about the kitchen design, also for a better life ideas.

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