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Corona is known a word that really often said by so many people in the world. When we watch television, we find some news related with it. It is really surprising case for all people not only in Wuhan as the first place that make this disease was infected to so many countries in the world but for all people in all countries. It makes people feel so bad because most of people get bad effects because of this disease. It is commonly called as COVID-19. Covid-19 has spread to more than 70 locations in all of the countries in the world. Italy and Iran become two countries that get worst effect because of this disease too.

This case has been confirmed too in some places such as in New York, California, Washington state., Oregon and so many places in the world. Corona is not a problem for China but it is also problem for all people in the world. Today world really need to work fast and find solution to against this Virus. Before we know some symptoms related with Covid-19, we better know what is the disease first.


What is Coronavirus?
Covid-19 is a virus that usually found in animals, unfortunately, it can be transmitted from animals to humans in very fast time and it can spread too person to person. When people suffer with this disease, it was included with some other human diseases such as:
–        MERS or Middle East respiratory syndrome
–        SARS or it is called as severe acute respiratory syndrome. This disease is first occurred in Southern of China too.

In order to know whether we get this disease or not, we need to take test. Today most of countries do rapid test to check whether people get this disease or not. Rapid test for this disease is important to limit the spread of this disease in fast time. When we take PCR test to check whether we suffer with this disease or not we will need two until three days to know the result. You can check whether you suffer with this disease or not by checking some symptoms related with this disease such as:

Symptoms of Corona
Covid-19 or Corona symptoms usually will be shown in various ways from mild to severe. The symptoms will take 2 until 14 days after exposure for the symptoms to develop. There are some symptoms that you must know such as:
–        Fever
You who suffer with this virus will suffer with high fever. Your body’s temperature will be at least 38 °C
–        Cough
People who suffer with this disease usually will experience cough for long time too that will make them feel bad with their cough.
–        Shortness of breath

It is the special symptom of this disease. You will experience shortness of breath that will make you need to go to the hospital and check your body condition. It will tell you whether you really get this disease or not.
People are easy to get this disease when they have weak immune system. The weak immune system will cause some more serious problems. When it attacks people, who have different diseases such as diabetes, it will cause people suffer with complicated condition and it may make you in dangerous situation. This disease attacks more to adult and older people in the world but there are some children that have been infected.

There is no evidence that kids are the greater risk to get this disease.  There are some medical treatments that people will get and it will be divided into the level of your disease and condition. For people with low level disease, they will be suggested to stay at home and make social distancing. They need to do their own quarantine in their home or their place and they need to avoid meeting some people or go outside of their home. It is good for you to know your body condition. You need to check your body temperature too because it will show whether you are in bad condition or not. There are some places too for you to get more information related with this corona and how to handle it. You should not be panic. It is good to keep your body condition and increase your immune system to be free from this virus.

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