lymph cancer

Symptoms and Prevention of Lymph Cancer

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Cancer is a disease that feared by people because this disease can cause death. One cancer that is dangerous is lymph cancer. This cancer attacks the lymphatic system plays a role in maintaining the body’s immunity. The lymphatic system itself is a system that maintains the body from various diseases, if cancer cells have spread to the lymphatic system this can be fatal. This lymphatic system produces a milky white liquid that contains lots of protein and fat. This liquid flows in the lymph nodes and plays an active role in maintaining the body’s immunity.

lymph cancer

Symptoms of lymph cancer

After knowing the causes of lymph cancer, you also need to know the symptoms that arise from this cancer. Symptoms of lymph nodes in general are swelling in certain areas of the body. Someone who suffers from lymphoma or lymph cancer will experience swelling in the neck, groin or armpit area. Symptoms that arise differ according to the type of lymphoma suffered. There are two types of lymphomas, namely Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s. Both types of lymph cancer have fundamental differences.

Lymphoma type Hodgkin’s is a type of lymph cancer that characterized by symptoms of swelling or enlargement of the lymph nodes and also the spleen without being accompanied by pain or pain. The development of Hodgkin’s type of cancer cells is very progressive and also the development of cancer cells is also very fast in lymphatic tissue. The risk of Hodgkin’s lymph cancer is very high for women and men aged 15 to 38 years and ages above 50 years. The symptoms of Hodgkin’s lymphoma are swelling of the lymph nodes without pain and fever and night sweats. In addition, body weight will also decrease due to lack of appetite.

The second type of lymph cancer is Non-Hodgkin’s. This type of lymphoma is a malignant cancer that attacks the lymph nodes and other lymphatic tissues. This non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is more at risk for men over 50 years of age. The symptoms that arise from Hodgkin’s lymphoma are enlargement of the tonsils and also the adenoid gland and lymph nodes in the neck and the surrounding area turns reddish. In addition, lymph nodes also experience abnormal enlargement. Growing lymphoma can show other symptoms of fever and night sweats.

Prevention of lymph cancer

After knowing the symptoms and causes of lymph cancer which is very dangerous, it is better to maintain the health of the body by doing preventive or preventive measures. Many ways should prevent this lymph cancer. The easiest way to prevent lymph cancer is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Increase food that is healthy and does not contain preservatives or artificial coloring. Consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of antioxidants also rich in fiber can also prevent lymphoma from attacking the body Also avoid foods that contain lots of bad fats.

Preventing lymph cancer from attacking the body can also do by doing regular exercise and adequate rest. To fulfill your body’s vitamin and mineral needs, you can also take additional multivitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and also vitamins E and D. By always maintaining a healthy body, you can avoid deadly lymph cancer.