4 Important Steps to Anticipate the Spread of The Corona Virus

the Spread of The Corona Virus

the Spread of The Corona Virus

Transmission of the corona virus does not exclude age, occupation and another status. Everyone has the possibility of carrying the virus. Therefore, the best advice is to do the best that we can, to stop the possibility of spread. this article will explain the best and most important steps, which must be taken by each individual in the world today.

Keep the distance

The initial stage that is very important and now better known as social distancing, is to keep your distance from the people around. Coronavirus transmission occurs through droplets, which result from sneezing or coughing sufferers. When the sufferer coughs or sneezes, and takes out the droplets, it is likely to hit objects around him. The drops then land on objects or surfaces that are touched and healthy people.

Then this healthy person touches their eyes, nose or mouth. From here then the infection occurs. The infection will stop when within 7 to 14 days the immune system in the body can fight it and form antibodies that can destroy the virus. However, if the body’s immune system is in poor condition, it is very likely that the coronavirus, which was never recognized by the human body, can multiply and take over dominance in the body.

Not only through objects that are exposed to droplets from coughing and sneezing corona sufferers, but this virus can also be spread when small droplets are inhaled by healthy people when close to the sufferer. For this reason, to avoid this contagion, the distance must be secured between one another. Do not shake hands, do touches on the face, even prohibited from kissing and hugging. Because in the period of transmission, not all sufferers show signs of general illness, therefore very risky if someone feels healthy and fine, even though he has spread the virus to hundreds of other persons.

Wash your hands with clean water and soap

The next thing to do to deal with the coronavirus is to wash your hands with soap and running water. Because the coronavirus is transmitted through droplets, the most effective cleansing to do is to wash your hands with soap. This section plays an important role because the hand is a member of the body which is the most likely medium of spread for the coronavirus.

We often eat, drink, and touch areas of the face unconsciously, not thinking about whether the hands were clean or not.
As simple as cleaning the nose, rubbing his eyes, holding sleepiness, cleaning sweat on the face, using skincare, and others. The face area, which is the entrance of the coronavirus, is very likely to be touched by the hand.

Therefore, ensuring that the hands are clean can be the best way to avoid the spread of this virus. Even using a hand sanitizer is not as effective if you clean your hands with soap and running water. Don’t be lazy to wash your hands after interacting with anyone and anything. Hand washing must also be done properly and not carelessly. Using soap, clean water, and thoroughly on the palm, between the fingers, nails, and back of the hand, for approximately 20 seconds.

Maintain the body’s immune system

Viruses are known as self-limited diseases. In the sense of diseases caused by viruses, in general, will be cured by the body, in a certain period, by the immune system owned by the body. Therefore maintaining the immune system in the body is a mandatory step, which must be done, to avoid the spread, or fight the infection of the virus that is being felt.

There are several ways you can do to maintain and enhance the body’s immune system, including eating nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, then nuts, sea fish. Continue to drink with supplements and vitamins regularly, which can help strengthen antibodies in the body.

Adhere to ethics when coughing and sneezing

The spread of the coronavirus caused by droplets from coughing and sneezing of an infected person. Therefore, start following the correct ethics in coughing and sneezing, namely by covering your mouth and nose using a tissue or the arms. When you cover it with a tissue, do not forget to throw the tissue into the trash, and do not place it carelessly.
The second does not forget to always wash your hands after every cough and sneeze. This is very important so that objects or people who later interact with you, do not contract the virus that is in the droplet.

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