What Is Corona Virus? The Things to Know about Corona Virus

corona virus

Corona virus is a kind of the happening virus discussed by many people due to the spread of the disease quickly. This virus has infected 152 countries all over the world today. WHO even has increased the status of Covid 19 being a global pandemic. In Europe, the development of the coronavirus spread is extremely high so that it causes many victims. To anticipate the spread of the coronavirus, you should reveal the information details of the coronavirus.

The Origin of Corona Virus

It is better to know the origin of the coronavirus first. It is likely quoted by World Health Organization (WHO), Coronavirus is coming from Coronaviruses (CoV) causing the diseases starting from the common flu and the heavy symptoms of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS – CoV) as well as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS – CoV). Meanwhile, for Novel Coronavirus (CoV) is a new type of virus that has been identified yet for human cases.

Coronavirus is a zoonosis. It means that it is infected between humans and animals. Based on the conducted research, SARS – CoV has been infected from the weasel to humans. Meanwhile, MERS – CoV is from camel to human. However, in some cases, it is famously known that the animals have not infected humans.

The Symptoms of Corona Virus Infection 

What is meant by the Coronavirus? When does it infect humans? The symptoms of the coronavirus are rather difficult when you see it early. It is caused that not all people infected will show the early symptoms from the infection of the Coronavirus. It requires 2 to 14 days until the infected person shows the symptoms of the Coronavirus. During the grace period, the infected people unconsciously transmit to the others. This is why it is very important to isolate yourself at home first at least 2 weeks especially the people traveling abroad to Europe or the other countries and who conducted close contact with the infected Coronavirus patients.

To make you more understand the description and symptoms of the Coronavirus, these are some common symptoms.
1.     Fever
2.     Cough
3.     Blown

For the patients at a higher level, they will suffer some symptoms of Coronavirus including
1.     Difficult to breathe or short breathing
2.     Pain on the chest
3.     Headache or unable to stand or move your body
4.     Turn blue lips or face

If you feel those symptoms of the Coronavirus, especially the high-level patients, you must visit the doctor to get the medical treatments.

The Symptoms of Corona Virus from Day to Day 

To know details about the description of the coronavirus, these are some symptoms of the coronavirus on humans from day today. It is based on Wuhan University research.

First Day
On the first day, the patients will suffer the symptom of coronavirus, fever. The patient may feel tiredness, muscle pain, and dry cough. Few people may suffer diarrhea or vomit during one to two days before.

Fifth Day
The patient suffers the coronavirus symptom like blown, especially the elderly patient or those having a disease history,

Seventh Day
The patient suffers coronavirus with those conditions getting worsen. Then, she will be hospitalized.

Eighth Day
In this spot, the patient with serious case (15 percent, based on CDC China) will suffer coronavirus symptoms such as acute respiratory disorder, the disease happened when the collected liquid in the lung. It impacts fatally.

Tenth Day
If the patient has worse symptoms, it is time in developing the disease when they are possibly treated in the ICU room. The patients may have stomach and less appetite. It has a percentage of death up to 2 %.

Seventeenth Day
The recovery patients from coronavirus are allowed to go home from the hospital after two half of the weeks.
Those are some symptoms of the coronavirus that you should know. After you know well the coronavirus and symptoms, it is time to know the preventing ways of infection of the coronavirus.

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The Ways on Preventing Corona Virus

The most important way to prevent covid 19 infections is to keep your health and cleanliness. The basic recommendation to prevent the infection of the coronavirus is washing hands regularly with the soap, covering your mouth and nose when you are sneezing and cough and cooking meat and eggs cooked. Besides, you need to prevent direct contact with anyone showing coronavirus symptoms such as sneezing, blown, cough, and fever.

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