Learn More about Coronavirus Disease First, what is COVID-19?

This is a new virus which also known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome was also identified as the cause of the disease outbreak. Firstly, founded in China and this disease has called as coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. This virus is one of coronaviruses types – a family of some viruses which can cause...

Understanding the Symptoms of Coronavirus and Protect Yourself

Currently, there are so many scientists and public-health authorities learned more about new coronavirus behind this continuing pandemic spread globally. We are already familiar with the disease which been caused by COVID-19. This article starts to update you with some regular questions with findings related to this phenomenon. Several tips can minimize your risk...

Things to Know about Corona Viruses

If you land on this article, then you like other people who wonder about what the corona is. Coronaviruses were types of viruses which affecting the respiratory tracts of mammals, birds even humans as well. Sometimes doctors associate it with the common cold issues such as pneumonia, bronchitis, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, and...

Health: Social Distancing, COVID-19 Prevention

With an end goal to manage the inexorably boundless Corona infection episode, the administration urges individuals to execute social separating. How about we find a workable pace social separating is and how to do it. Social removal is one of the means to forestall and control Corona infection disease by urging solid individuals to constrain...

Let’s Recognize the Corona Virus and Prevent Its Spread!

Today, the world has been shocked by a new dangerous virus, Covid-19 or Corona. What is it exactly? Is it really dangerous? Well, everything about this virus will be explained in detail in this article. Check it out! What is a virus of Corona in general? Covid 2019 or Corona is a virus that attacks the...

What Is Corona Virus? The Things to Know about Corona Virus

Coronavirus is a kind of the happening virus discussed by many people due to the spread of the disease quickly. This virus has infected 152 countries all over the world today. WHO even has increased the status of Covid 19 being a global pandemic. In Europe, the development of the coronavirus spread is extremely...

Protecting Ourselves from COVID-19

The world is currently haunted and terrorized by a deadly pandemic. The corona itself is a virus family strain that has already existed for a long time ago. SARS and MERS that struck the world in the past was part of the coronavirus family strain as well. Unlike before, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread faster...

What Do We Know About COVID-19

A pandemic that currently terrorizes the world is very deadly. We probably already saw some videos about some certain people that suddenly collapse in public places. Moreover, scientists are still developing the vaccine of this virus. I heard the vaccine was complete, but it will be distributed into the rest of the world in...

How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Corona has declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization. It really gives effect to all people in all fields and in all worlds. Today this disease has already infected people in more than 70 places in the world. The number of people who are infected is increasing time to time and it really...

General Symptoms and Transmission of Corona Virus

Corona has become a trending topic and it is being discussed by so many people in the world. This disease is called as Covid-19.  This disease actually was found for first time in 1960s. People who suffer with this disease usually will show some symptoms. The name of corona comes from Latin language. The...


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