Corona Virus and The Urgently of Social Distancing What is the Coronavirus?

Social Distancing

Corona Virus and The Urgently of Social Distancing

At the end of 2019, the corona first spread in one district in China, precisely in Wuhan. The virus, which was later ratified as Covid-19, spread by giving symptoms similar to influenzas, such as high fever, coughing, runny nose, and sneezing. But in fact, the coronavirus attacks the main parts of the lungs in the body, making difficulty in the respiratory process, and is increasingly spread by weakening the immune system of sufferers. The distribution of the coronavirus is then higher with outbreaks of people outside of China.

Widened to countries in Europe, then to the Americas, and now it has dominated in Asian countries. The phenomenon of the coronavirus is often associated with the emergence of previous viruses that have plagued the world community, such as SARS and MERS. But in reality, it turns out that this type of virus is different, so until now a vaccine that can be used as an anti-virus, has not been found. The latest news indicates that 3 major countries have been preparing to conduct trials on corona anti-virus, namely China, Russia, and the United States.

This massive spread then forced many countries in the world to impose lockdowns. Specifically, the closure of access in and out of the country or region, to stop the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. In line with the issuance of the decision to do a lockdown, also followed by an order to do social distancing, the goal is to reduce the spread of the virus, by ordering each person to maintain distance from others.

How is the Coronavirus spread?

When this new coronavirus emerged, a lot of invalid info and ended up being hoaxes. Information about the trigger, the spread, to the drugs that can be anti-virus, are busy being talked about on social media. Because this virus looks similar to some of the previous viruses but is so different, therefore many people who then mistakenly take a preventive step, in preventing transmission.

Coronavirus was initially spread only by spreading droplets. Droplets that come from sneezing or coughing from a sufferer, which then rubs off on the objects that are affected, when he sneezes or coughs without covering his nose and mouth. Transmission can also occur when a person coughs or sneezes and covers it with his hands, but then does not immediately wash his hands with soap and clean water. As a result, the virus in the droplets is spread and lives in everything that is touched by his hand. Starting from the surface of objects, even other people and pets. It also can certainly spread through food or drinks that are contaminated by the person.

Why is social distancing important?

Social distancing has now been prescribed by WHO as one of the mandatory things, which must be implemented by countries in the world, to prevent and respond quickly to the Covid-19 virus. Social distancing is an attempt to reduce activities outside the home and away from the crowd so that the corona transmission chain can be stopped. Someone who has been infected does not always show symptoms of illness, but he can transmit the virus.

Because it is important to keep a distance from each other, so as not to do unnecessary interactions. When social distancing is done, it is expected that physical interaction will decrease, so there is no need to worry about spreading viruses through droplets. This can also reduce the spread because no public facilities are operated, which is very risky to become a place for the spread of the virus.

While doing social distancing, it does not mean that people cannot do routine activities. Work, study, and worship can be run at home. Meanwhile, if you have to go out of the house, always make sure to keep your distance from the people around you and keep clean by washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizer.

What should be considered in doing social distancing in the middle of corona?

The first is to stop gathering activities in any context. One of them is to work. Work can be replaced with a work from home system, where everyone does not have to interact physically. The second is to reduce the use of public transportation, by only completing activities at home, which can be conditioned to cleanliness. Stop hanging out, take a walk, and get together for fun, which takes place in crowded cafes and replace it with chat or video calls.

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