Saving Yourself from the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Outbreak of Coronavirus
Outbreak of Coronavirus

The Outbreak of Coronavirus

Some of us might be wondering about how to fight against the coronavirus. We are curious whether the virus infects us or not. COVID-19 become a pandemic since it has occurred in many countries across the globe. Knowing it, some of the states are closing their schools, and also recommending their citizens to work from home. Some of them even close their international borders to slow down the outbreak of the coronavirus in their nations. But, now, what can you do as an individual to stay safe during this outbreak? Here are some suggestions for you.

Wash your hand a lot!

Although you think that you have already wash your hand, you need to wash your hand a lot to keep the hygienist. Since the way of the virus, spread is like flu or a common cold, germs and virus that are emitted from the sneezes or coughs could live longer than you think. It could live on the surfaces for about several hours. If you always touch the surfaces of your gadgets, public facilities, and so on, washing your hand is the first weapon that you can shoot to kill the coronavirus.

The right rule to do this is spending your 20 seconds to wash your hand correctly. You also have to wash your hands with soap and water. If you think that this way is not too practical, you can also use hand-sanitizer as often as you can. But, you should make sure that the hand sanitizer that you use contains at least 60% of alcohol that could kill the bacteria and also a virus in your hand. By doing regular hand-washing, you are reducing the chance of being contaminated by the coronavirus that might live on the surfaces.

Keep your distance

If you are in the same place with people who are sneezing or coughing, you have to keep a distance from them for at least 2 meters. It is because the virus could spread within this distance for about 15 minutes, thus saving yourself away from the virus carrier could save you from further harm. If you are the individual who suffers from cough, you have to close your mouth and nose with a facemask  or flexed elbow so that whenever or wherever you sneeze or cough, you could protect other people from virus infection that might come from you. look other business information at arespedia for your lifestyle

You can save lives by understanding your situation and others. As this virus could infect anyone in the world, especially older adults who are susceptible the most, you should take care of your family by isolating yourself at home when you think that you are one of the virus carriers.

Social distancing

As social animals, we humans are always together with others. We usually gather in a crowd to make us live. However, since the outbreak of this virus across the globe, we have to do social distancing. Social distancing means staying at home to do your things like work or school, avoiding crowds, and also keeping your hand from touching your face, mouth, or nose. Social distancing could help slow down the spread of the coronavirus disease.

There are some reports that say that healthy people could become patients of the coronavirus without having any symptoms. This news is proven that all of us could be the carrier of the virus that might harm other people who have lowe immune system in their bodies. Therefore, social distancing may inhibit the worse case of coronavirus in the following time.

Eat healthy food and drink enough water

Some studies say the patients who suffer from coronavirus may recover by themselves only if they have a good immune system in their bodies. So, you have to keep boosting your immune system by eating healthy food and drinking enough water. Healthy eating can maintain your body fresh and fit while drinking enough water could keep your body hydrated. Besides, another thing that can keep you from the danger of coronavirus is doing sports regularly in a proper way.

All of that above advice is given to you to make you safe from the outbreak. You need to follow the suggestions if you want to protect yourself and your family. This coronavirus is dangerous as it could be spread very rapidly from human to human. So, taking action from now is better to help save other people. for the kitchen design you better come this side.

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