How to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Corona has declared as pandemic by the World Health Organization. It really gives effect to all people in all fields and in all worlds. Today this disease has already infected people in more than 70 places in the world. The number of people who are infected is increasing time to time and it really makes people feel so bad because they can’t do their activity like before this disease attack.

People are fear to be infected with this disease and they try to do some ways to prevent even from their home. For all of you who want to avoid this virus from your home and reduce your risk in getting sick or infected by other people, you just need to do some steps below.

Please Stay at Home

First step that you must do to avoid corona is staying at your home as possible as you can. Who are recommended to stay at home? All of you who are in good condition or with no symptoms should stay at home in this situation. You need to take your part to help your community in stopping spread of this virus to some other places again.

Staying at home action is commonly called as social distancing or people can also call it as physical distancing. It can be done by stand far away from other people. As we know this disease can travels through droplets so when you limit yourself to stay near other people, you will be able to low your risk to get this disease too.

You need to avoid using public transportation and also limit nonessential travel. You really need to skip social gathering or meeting people in large amount. You should not go to work when you can work from your home. Students should do distance learning too to protect themselves from this disease. For younger people, your personal risk is low but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be infected with this disease. It can attack all people in all ages and from all social background too.

Wash Your Hand with Soap

The next simple thing that can protect yourself from this corona is by washing your hand by using soap. You should not only wash your hand by using water but you really need to wash your hand by using soap. You need to wash your hand by using right way. What you need to do is making your hand wet and then adding soap. You need to scrub your hand with soap and take care to get between under your nail and also your finger.

You need to wash your hand at least 20 seconds and then dry your hand. You can also use hand sanitizer with alcohol based. When you buy hand sanitizer, you need to ensure that you choose hand sanitizer that contains of at least 60% alcohol. You can also disinfect all surfaces by wearing disposable gloves and then you need to wash your hand again. Please stand away from other people especially when people are sick.

You can use new modern way when you meet other people such as waving, bowing or you can give an elbow bump rather than shaking their hand.
There are some things that you must prepare in your home in other to protect yourself from getting this corona infection.

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Things to Prepare at Home

When you want to protect yourself and family from this disease, it is good for you to prepare some things listed below:


It is important to wash your hand after and before you do certain thing. You need to wash your hand when you are coming home from outside.


You can buy disinfecting wipes to clean all surfaces in your home. You can also use ethanol to clean viruses on surface


It is needed for all of you who are sick and for you who go outside. It helps you to prevent infection from other people who are sick. You should not buy masks in big amount because there are so many people who really need this mask such as healthcare providers and sick people.  When you stay at home you don’t need to wear mask except you are sick.


You can prepare some medicines that you usually consume such as pain relievers, decongestants, fever reducers and some other medications.
It is possible for you to avoid this disease. You can do and prepare some things listed above and you can low your risk to get corona infection.

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