Malignant Tumors: The Ultimate Cause of Cancer (Part Two)

There are two main causes why dangerous or malignant tumor form. These tumors commonly occur due to a cancerous cell managing to move all over the body using the lymphatic system or blood, eventually destroying healthy tissue in process named invasion. Another cause contributing to the growth of tumor is that cell managing to divide and then grow, which later on makes the new blood vessels to feed itself in process named angiogenesis.

When tumor has successfully spread to the other areas of the body and then grows, which will invade and destroy the other healthy tissues, then it is said to have gone through metastasis process. This process denotes a serious condition which is so difficult to accordance with the American cancer society, cancer is known as the second most common cause of death in the United States and accounts for almost one of every four deaths. The World Health Organization estimates that, on a world level, there were 14 million cancer cases and 8.2 million cancer-triggered deaths in 2012.

Individual types of cancer

Actually there are said to be more than 200 different kinds of cancer.  What follows is a list of only a few types of cancer.

§  Anal cancer

§  Bladder cancer

§  Bone cancer

§  Breast cancer

§  Cervical cancer

§  Colon cancer

§  Colorectal cancer

§  Endometrial cancer

§  Kidney cancer

§  Leukemia

§  Liver cancer

§  Lymphoma

§  Ovarian cancer

§  Pancreatic cancer

§  Prostate cancer

§  Stomach cancer

§  Testicular cancer

§  Thyroid cancer

§  Vaginal cancer

§  Vulvar cancer

How Cancer Spreads

The Nature Communications, issued in 2012, reports that scientist have discovered an essential clue regarding why cancer cells spread. It has got something to do with the adhesion characteristics. Some types of molecular interactions between cells and the scaffolding which holds them in place and cause them to get unstuck at the original tumor area, they will be dislodged, and move on then will reattach themselves at new site. These researchers say that this discover is imperious since cancer mortality is primarily due to metastatic tumor, those which grow cells which have traveled from their original site to the other parts of the body, which are named the secondary tumors. Only ten percent of cancer deaths are triggered by the primary tumors.The scientists say that finding a certain way to stop cancer cells from adhering to new sites could interfere with the metastatic disease, and even halt the growth of the secondary tumors.

Malignant Tumors are More Agile than Non-Malignant Ones

Scientists at the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center, USA, claimed in the journal named Scientific Reports that malignant cells are way nimbler than non-malignant ones. Malignant cells can really pass way more rapidly through smaller gaps, as well as applying much greater force on their environment, in comparison to the other cells.Professor Robert Austin and the team created new catalogue of physical and chemical features of cancerous cells with more than 100 scientists from 20 different centers across the country.

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