Easy way to shrink the stomach

Distended stomach is very annoying and experienced by many people. In addition to making it uncomfortable to do many activities, a distended stomach also affects the appearance to be quite bad. This condition will make your appearance not be maximal when in front of the general public.

Actually you can overcome the lack of confidence and improve health. The following are some ways to shrink the stomach which is quite easy without excessive pain, such as:

shrink the stomach

  1. Avoid consuming foods with excess saturated fat

One of the main causes of weight gain followed by shrink the stomach is a food with high saturated fat levels. Foods with high saturated fat levels can make light weight increase and make the size of your stomach grow bigger in a matter of weeks or even days. So the way to shrink the distended stomach that you have to travel is to avoid these saturated fatty foods.

Foods in the black list that must reduced because of saturated fat content as a way to shrink distended stomachs include: fast food, snacks in the form of fried foods, mayonnaise, soft drinks, ice cream, and drinks or sweet foods due to high sugar content etc.


  1. Try to reduce food habits before going to bed at night

During sleep the body does not carry out activities so that the food consumed will become a reserve of food for the body to store in the form of fat. The most ideal body parts and often used as a location for fat accumulation include: stomach, arms, thighs and calves.

For that way to prevent a distended stomach and shrink the stomach so as not to increase the most effective is to avoid eating before going to bed at night. If you eat, you should eat a few hours before going to bed and after eating, other than that the way to shrink the other belly is not to lie down or sleep at night, allow at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to maximize the body in processing the food you consume.


  1. Divert your main consumption with high-fiber foods

A distended abdomen not only caused by increasing body weight but also due to lack of fiber intake. You need to know that this fiber is useful for binding saturated fat that is difficult to metabolize by the body into energy so that it will accumulate in the body in the form of fat. So the way to shrink the stomach is to provide enough fiber from food so that saturated fat in the body can be bound to release through bowel movements. You can get fiber through consumption of vegetables, fruits and gelatin from seaweed.


  1. Don’t forget to exercise regularly

Sports will make the fat accumulated in the body will burn into energy. You don’t need to exercise long and drain it will actually make you eager to consume large portions of food after exercising.

Shrink the stomach with this exercise you only need to spend at least 30 minutes a day in the morning or evening every day. With regular exercise you can get the ideal body weight and a bloated stomach will gradually shrink.


  1. Apply physical exercise with methods from mild to severe

If you fall into the category of people who are not overweight but have a fat belly bulging, you can try several sports with special movements to shrink the stomach. This is because the way to shrink a distended stomach with regular exercise is not sufficient because it only functions to burn calories and fat without focusing on the stomach.

You can choose the type of exercise that focuses on the movement of the stomach so that it can provide quite effective results. These types of exercise include push-up, movement of the hops, sit ups and much more.

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