What Do We Know About COVID-19

About COVID-19

Do We Know About COVID-19

A pandemic that currently terrorizes the world is very deadly. We probably already saw some videos about some certain people that suddenly collapse in public places. Moreover, scientists are still developing the vaccine of this virus. I heard the vaccine was complete, but it will be distributed into the rest of the world in a few months. It will be best if we know some necessary information about this new corona new type of virus strain. We also need to know about COVID-19’s symptoms. Because we can’t see the future, and we don’t know when this pandemic will stop.
The history of coronavirus.

Coronavirus is not a new thing. It has existed before in the past. Apparently, scientists named it with that name because of the shape that resembles to crowns. The word itself came from the Latin or ancient Greek word “Corona,” which means Crown. COVID-19 itself is the name of the disease. Just like HIV disease caused by AIDS.

The previous big pandemics terrorized the world before, and they came from the same virus family, the coronavirus. Those pandemics are SARS that struck China and then the rest of the world in 2003, while the other one is MERS that hit from the Middle East and the rest of the world in 2012. Even though COVID-19 came from the same family as SARS, SARS is still more dangerous and deadlier than COVID-19. It showed different and deadly symptoms, but the spread of SARS is lower compared to COVID-19.

Today, in 2020, a coronavirus will strike the world once more. It was identified and discovered in Wuhan, China. The pandemic whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, discovered a SARS-like virus-type strain in December 2019 that spread to the city of Wuhan. However, instead of helping to investigate the SARS-like disease and warn the society, the Wuhan Police and authorities punished the whistleblower doctor for spreading wrong information that could scare the society. Eventually, the Coronavirus itself became a deadly pandemic that has taken many lives in the rest of the world.

Dr. Li Wenliang himself died on February 7, 2020, because of the infection. His death made society both sad and angry, telling that it was the government’s fault and demanding the right to speak. Wuhan authorities have apologized for their wrongdoing action on the media. However, the netizen told them to apologize to Dr. Li Wenliang themselves, right in front of his grave.

How does it spread?

If we recall to the history, the first carrier of coronavirus was exotic animals. As we know, there was an illegal animal market in the city of Wuhan that sold animals that inappropriate to eat by the common sense of the world. The coronavirus in 2020 was suspected that bats are the carrier of this strain, just like SARS in 2003. While the other sibling, MERS, was carried by camels in the Middle East.
Meanwhile, the spread between humans was caused by sparks such as sneeze and coughing. It will be best if you don’t go outside of your house to avoid people that might be infected by the coronavirus or showed the symptoms of COVID-19.

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Habits lead to disaster?

As we know, COVID-19 was identified in the city of Wuhan, China. The coronavirus itself was carried from exotic animals that are not appropriate to be eaten by the world’s common senses. This made most of the world are suspecting that the habits of Chinese culture in Wuhan itself were the main cause why the rest of the world got terrorized by COVID-19. However, the truth itself is not just about the consumption of exotics animals, but they are far more complex.

As we can see, the patient zero of SARS itself wasn’t from the consumption of exotic animals, such as bats, but it was from bat droppings. Scientists suspected that the girl who became the patient zero was infected because of the food she ate that might be contaminated by the bat droppings. In MERS case, it was camels that spread it. However, the camels wasn’t for eating, but they tend to associated to human in the desert for a traveling purpose. Corona may come from wild animals, but the virus lies more complex than just a habit.

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