Various Alternative Remedies for Mesothelioma (Part Two)

In addition to oxygen therapy, there are some other alternative remedies that you can try. Hereunder are two other remedies you should know.


Also known as the biologic therapy, immunotherapy includes getting your body to battle cancer even more effectively. That may include stimulating your immune system to do what it is doing already, only to greater extent. Or, that may include giving your body enhanced immune system substance, like man-made proteins stimulating the ones our body needs to fight disease.

First, the fundamental overview of immune system. This denotes your body’s first defense against toxins, pathogens, carcinogens, and some other substances or the foreign bodies which, without the immune system, could really cause disease to occur or even deaths. Special components related to the immune system detect foreign bodies, which signals the rest of the whole system that something has gone wrong. The system will then spring into action and then destroy the foreign substances, which brings the bodies back into its balance. This occurs without us even realizing it; we simply see the symptoms of immune response.

To help your immune battle cancer cells, which is even harder than fighting a cold, we need to give it a little assistance. Part of the issue is that cancer cells are not actually “foreign” … they are simply your body’s cells that grow out of control. Therefore your immune system may not recognize cancer cells as problem, and may allow them to go undetected for quite a long time. The other issues relate to the immune system not getting sound enough to kill cancer cells, even when they attack, or, as aforementioned, cancer cells may exert substances such as adenosine which render killer cells.

Immunotherapy looks for ways to help the immune system to do its job even better, by detecting cancer cells as a trouble and giving your system better devices to destroy these cells. The common kinds of immunotherapy involve cancer vaccines, man-made antibodies, and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

There are some other kinds of immunotherapy as well that may help improve the immune system and make it better to defend itself. Immunotherapy oftentimes works well in conjunction with the other treatments, as with the case of oxygen therapy.

Gene Therapy

Even though it may seem like a science fiction, gene therapy is so much in the milieu of science today, and includes the use of genes to fight disease. Basically genes are functional units, which forms parts of chromosomes by particular sequences of nucleotides, which is the building blocks of DNA. These are usually passed on from our parents, and decide specific qualities of our bodies, such as coloring, height, and whether we are prone to typical disease or not.

Research has evolved to the point where it is possible to apply genes to aid in battling cancer. But, this study is not yet so convincing that it creates a regular part of treatment. As such in order to receive gene therapy, you are likely to take part in clinical trials.

Recently, there are several forms of treatment which use gene therapy, yet let us start with the main point of the treatment, that is transferring to your body genetic defense system against cancer which you do not have naturally.

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