Various Alternative Remedies for Mesothelioma (Part One)

A Caveat

All right, before we start, it is important to know once again that none of the followings suggestions should be pondered the replacements for therapies suggested by your GP. Without the mainstream medicinal approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation, you may not be able to live even as long as what your prognosis stated, so you should never neglect such treatments and think that you will opt for the natural route.

Mesothelioma is a kind of aggressive disease which is so difficult to recognized, meaning that by the time it is diagnosed, it is typically advanced. Only by mixing these alternative treatments with the recommended treatments by your GP can you get the best possible opportunity of surviving for as long as you can. Read on and find out the therapies which will work for you most.

Oxygen Therapy

While researchers have been attempting unsuccessfully for many decades to use oxygen in the battle against cancer, their results have so far not been so promising. Sadly, tumors commonly grow so rapidly in the response to serious levels of oxygenated blood, so several therapies which have been touted for many years actually may be doing more serious harm than good.

For instance, you can take into account the ozone therapy, in which patient’s blood has been removed, pumped full of rich ozone, and circulated back into patient. While it surely does bestow normal cells sound boost, if it gives the cancer some boost also.

That being said, it is actually feasible that new oxygen treatments are coming under the spotlight. The secret? There has to be some cancer killer cells existing, claims ABC news. Well, what does it mean, precisely? Let us back up. Our body actually has a natural way to fight cancer cells, and that is through natural killer cells, which is a kind of white blood cell. These cancer-fighting heroes can travel throughout your body system, looking for and nullifying most tumors before they can cause any trouble … long before any symptoms would be noticed. Sadly, when the cells come into the existence of tumor developing, they will get “put to sleep” by substance the tumor exerts which is called adenosine. As such, they never get the opportunity to do their bad work against the tumor.

The answer? You have to activate the immune system so as to assure that there are a great number of killer cells present, then stimulate your immune system even further with high dosage of oxygen. It is really crucial to find out that old-school suggestions of ozone and oxygen therapy on their own presumably will not be effective. But, in conjunction with making body’s immune system active-called the immunotherapy-that might be sufficiently effective. While this has yet to be tested on human, prospective results have been evident on mice. So, what does immunotherapy mean? Let us talk about it in the second part of the article. There are also some other details you should know about different treatments for mesothelioma.

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