Understanding The Symptoms of Coronavirus and Protect Yourself

 Symptoms of Coronavirus

The Symptoms of Coronavirus

Currently, there are so many scientists and public-health authorities learned more about new coronavirus behind this continuing pandemic spread globally. We are already familiar with the disease which been caused by COVID-19. This article starts to update you with some regular questions with findings related to this phenomenon. Several tips can minimize your risk as well.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Here’s to know
The virus will infect the lower respiratory tract. The patients initially developed fever, aches, and cough – then it would be developed to shortness of breath and complications of pneumonia. However, some people may experience mild symptoms or infected but they do not get sick at all.

Others may be mildly sick for a few days, but later start to develop more severe symptoms of pneumonia. CDC also stated that people who have severe symptoms should look for the medical treatment as soon as possible, such as pressure on the chest, difficulty breathing and bluish face or lips.

What you can do if you develop those symptoms?
If you feel if you have exposure and experienced those symptoms above, then you have to call your doctor. You need to ask if you can be tested. Mostly, your doctor will test you first for other respiratory issues such as cold or flu. You have to isolate yourself with others and contact limitations with the pets as well.

Ensure that you cover your nose and mouth when you get sneeze or cough. You need to follow some precautions in order to prevent the infection, washing your hands regularly and wearing a face mask, if you have.Even most infected people may only experience mild illness, however, mild can be anything such as fever, cough, and aches to pneumonia as well.  By not getting infected mean that you also protect people around you such as your older families or anyone who you know with diabetes and heart diseases – those conditions can increase the risk of severe complications as well.

Do you need a social distancing to make you clear?
As we know that coronavirus was spreading in many cities and countries, so there is a risk of being exposed. You may not show the symptoms right away. People start to ill around 2 to 14 days after getting infections, or on average of around five days.

Are over-the-counter cold medicines helpful?
Many experts stated that it can be so helpful to control the symptoms that are the mainstay to treat this new virus. However, it was not a cure and will not prevent you to infect others as well.
How I can get self-isolated?
If you were told to get self-isolated, then you have to stay at home and avoid having contact with other people around 14 days. Try not to live in the same room with another person at the same time.

You can stay in a well-ventilated room with an open window. You should not share dishes, utensils, towels with others and wash them cleanly after us. You have to clean your bathroom and surface regularly. Of course, do not forget to wash your hands before or after contact with your pets.

You should not go to public places and ask your friends or family to get medicines, groceries and other supplies that you need. You need to ask the delivery men to leave those stuff outside.

Is there any drug to treat coronavirus?

There is no vaccine or drug which been approved specifically for this new virus. But many experts start to develop and study this virus. Even the test of the vaccine needs a year to 18 months to complete. Some of the vaccine makers were developing their products that target the virus. The clinical trials on the US and China were evaluating the antiviral drug which also used to test Ebola. There are some medicines for malaria and hydroxychloroquine started to gain attention as the possible medicine.

How do you prevent COVID-19?
As we all know that workplaces, schools and other public areas have been closed in so many countries and the officials also recommending making people stay at home and stay away from the exposure to other people while corona continues to spread around.


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