Treatment across Stages for Lung Cancer with Non-Small Cell

If you have the early-stage small cell lung cancer, then you are likely to undergo chemotherapy and also radiotherapy to your lung. Those that are fairly healthy may have to undergo the aforementioned therapies simultaneously. However, as lung cancer occurs in several stages, the apt treatment for each stage is different.This article will show you the wide array of treatments you can take at every stage.

Stage 1

The first stage of non-small cell lung cancer is rather uncommon. You usually have to go through surgery so as to remove some parts of your lung or the whole lung. If you cannot have operation for some other health reasons, your GP may recommend designated radiotherapy, rather than attempting to heal the cancer. Another possible option for small cancers if you are not allowed to have surgery can be radio frequency ablation (RFA).

Stage 2

As the case of stage-2 lung cancer with non-small cell, you may be eligible for surgery. Depending on the location of tumor, your doctor may opt for removing part of your lung or the whole part of the lung. If the cancer is entirely removed, your doctor will recommend chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is devoted to lowering the risk of your cancer occurring or coming back. Doctors refer to this adjuvant chemotherapy. It is very important that your doctor consults with you beforehand about the advantages and the downsides of chemotherapy. If surgeon could not remove all of the tumors, then you may have to take radiotherapy afterwards.

Stage 3

Dealing with the stage 3 of non-small cell lung cancer, you may be eligible for surgery, which actually depends on where in your body the cancer is located. You may be required to have your whole lung removed, known as pneumonectomy. If the surgeon entirely removes the cancer, then you may have chemotherapy to try lowering the possible risks of the cancer from coming back. If surgeon finds cancer cells in your lymph nodes during surgery, then will advise you to undergo chemotherapy and presumably radiotherapy as well subsequent to the surgery.

Stage 4

Treatments that are available for stage 4 of non-small cell lung cancer is projected to control the cancer as long as possible. Plus, it also aims at shrinking the tumor down as significant as possible so as to bring down the occurring symptoms. A lot of trials have applied chemotherapy in such situation and we do know that it may help people to live even longer and relieving the symptoms.

Those whose cancer cells possess particular proteins may have treatment with certain biological therapy medications which are called geftinib, erlotinib, or Xalkori.

If you have already had chemotherapy and it is not any longer controlling the caner, you may have some possibility of undergoing chemotherapy if you are quite well. If the cancer possesses EGFT receptors, the doctor may provide erlonitib treatment. Alternatively, you also may opt for having no further active medication but, instead, to maintain the occurring symptoms with medicines.

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