Things to Know About Corona Viruses

Corona Viruses

About Corona Viruses

If you land on this article, then you like other people who wonder about what the corona is. Coronaviruses were types of viruses which affecting the respiratory tracts of mammals, birds even humans as well. Sometimes doctors associate it with the common cold issues such as pneumonia, bronchitis, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, and COVID-19 – as it currently broke this globe and people against the world tried to fight it since a few months ago.

You should know that those viruses responsible for common colds and more than just serious illnesses. Even coronaviruses were behind of some more severe issues or outbreaks. Even more than 70 years, scientists were found that coronaviruses may affect rats, mice, dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and cattle. Some animals transmit those viruses to humans as well.

Recently, authorities also identify coronavirus in Chine that now had reached other states around the world. The name is coronavirus disease or known as COVID-19. In this article, you will read various types of coronavirus on humans, along with its symptoms and how people can transmit this virus. Those things will help you to know more about this virus and what the best prevention action that you can try.

First, what is the coronavirus? 
The researches started to isolate the coronavirus in 1937. They found this virus took responsibility for the infectious bronchitis virus toward birds who could destroy the poultry supplies. Scientists firstly found the evidence of these human coronaviruses during `1960s. The name of coronaviruses also came from the projection of the crown-like on their surfaces, Corona in the Latin language also means “crown” or “halo”.

Usually, the infection of coronavirus occurred during the winter months or in the early spring. Usually, people start to ill since the cold because of coronavirus and may get the same one around four months later. It is because the corona antibody cannot last long. Also, the antibodies for one style of coronavirus may not effective to another one.

Things to know about COVID-19 
During 2019, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) begun to monitor a new coronavirus named SARS-COV-2 – it caused respiratory illness which now also called COVID-19. The authority firstly identified this virus in Wuhan, China. More than 78,000 people have been infected with this virus in China. The health authorities have identified many people with COVID-19 around the globe. Then on 31 January, this virus passed to one person to another one in the US.

Even WHO also declared a public health emergency related to this situation related to COVID-19. CDC also stated that the possibility to spread to more people. Even this virus has disrupted 25 countries. The first person who had linked to this virus contacted with the animal and seafood market. This fact also stated animals initially transmitted the virus to a human. However, people with a recent diagnosis had ni contact with the animals or market, confirmed that humans can transmit this virus to other humans.

Learning the symptoms of COVID-19 
The symptoms can be so varied depending on people to people with COVID-19. It may cause a mild or even no symptom at all. But, it also can cause severe disease and can be fatal as well. There are several symptoms to know such as fever, cough, and breathlessness. It takes around 2 to 14 days for someone who noticed the symptoms after infection.

There is no vaccine currently for this virus. But the scientists have replicated this virus. It allows getting early detection and treatments for people who have this virus but do not show the symptoms yet. NIH (National Institutes of Health) also suggested that some groups of people have higher risks to get the complications of COVID-19, such as pregnant women, young children and people aged 65 years or older.

CDC also advised that although there is a report of complications in young children, it is rare. COVID-19 mostly caused mild symptoms in children.
General symptoms of coronaviruses

At this point, symptoms can be so varied from person to person and some forms can be fatal. General symptoms such as:
–        Runny nose
–        Sneezing
–        Cough
–        Fever
–        Fatigue
–        Sore throat and worse asthma
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