The Life Expectancy of Stage 3 Lung Cancer Life Expectancy

It has been widely known that thirty percent of people have already progressed to stage 3 lung cancer at the time of their diagnosis. It is always important to talk a little about the life expectancy of stage 3 lung cancer.

Variables Affecting the Life Expectancy of Lung Cancer

Stage 3 lung cancer life expectancy may vary to some great extent among different people. Some of these variables include the followings. First, there is particular lung cancer type. Stage 3 lung cancer comprises of a number of lung cancer traits. The location of your cancer is another influential bearing. Stage 3 lung cancer is broken down into stage 3A lung cancer and stage 3B, which depends on which tissues near the lungs where the cancer has spread. Your age. Younger people tend to have better life expectancy than do older ones with lung cancer. Again, sex is another determinant factor to stage 3 life expectancy. It appears that the life expectancy of women with lung cancer is better at the time of diagnosis. How your body responds to the treatment is influential. Possible side effects of treatments such as targeted therapies, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy vary among different patients, and may even limit your ability to tolerate treatment given. Of course your health condition will affect the overall life expectancy. Some of the factors included in this group are the health conditions and the vulnerability to some disease, such as emphysema. This round-up factors tend to lower stage 3 lung cancer prognosis or life expectancy.

What Statistics Say about Stage 3 Lung Cancer

In addition to the variations existing between different people, it is important to bear in mind that statistics are oftentimes a few years old. For instance, the most recent statistics that we have for the very cancer are from patients that were diagnosed between 2003 and 2009 and followed through 2010. With the advance in treatment, it is very likely that the survival rates can be higher at the present time.

Put that way, the medial life expectancy of stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer is only around 15 months for sage 3 lung cancer. The five-year survival rate-which is the percent of patients that are expected to be alive five years after a diagnosis of the stage 3 lung cancer is unluckily only 14 percent for those that are diagnosed

The Recent Improvements in Lung Cancer Survival

It is so important to note that while statistics are just a few years old, the survival rate for the very cancer is rising. The complications of lung cancer, such as blood clots can exceedingly lower the life expectancy of lung cancer. Additionally, a number of clinical treatments are evaluated in clinical trials for patients with lung cancer. If you have yet to have genetic testing or molecular profiling of your cancer, you need to make sure thatconsult your oncologist. The treatments for those with mutations (EFGR mutations), ALK rearrangements, ROS1 rearrangement have lately been available, and the medications for used for this, are under research.

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