The Ideal Way to Overcome Hormonal Acne

hormonal acne

Abnormal hormonal changes also become one of the causes of acne on the skin.


Such conditions will also affect by changes in body metabolism and poor health conditions. Rapidly changing hormones will also support the production of oil in the skin quite a lot. In addition, hormonal changes like this can also cause skin conditions to change greatly in a short amount of time. Usually the skin condition will be too dry or too oily. Actually there are some ideal ways to deal with hormonal acne.

hormonal acne

There are some ways to deal with hormonal acne that you can apply very easily, such as:

  1. Avoid consuming fast food excessively

You need to know that consuming fast food considered as one of the causes of hormonal acne. Unhealthy fast food processing considered triggering one type of acne. Some fast food such as processed through frying, soft drinks with saccharin or other usually has quite a lot of bad fat. So that when consumed too often, it will cause fat accumulation and affect the production of oil on the surface of the skin. Moreover, foods like this always served with the frying method.

  1. Don’t forget to keep facial skin clean

This is one of the ways to deal with hormonal zits that are very easy to do. The cleanliness of facial skin is one of the factors that influence the condition of the onset of this acne. Facial skin must clean periodically with special facial soap. Moreover, this also done after you have carried out outdoor activities for quite a long time. Don’t let excess dirt or bacteria stick to the skin. You also have to choose the ideal facial soap that is suitable for skin conditions.

  1. Consuming green tea

You can consume green tea or green tea to control unstable hormones. In addition, green tea can also used as an antidote to free radicals that will have a bad influence on the health of facial skin. Hormonal acne usually causes excessive inflammation. Consuming green tea can reduce inflammation caused by hormonal zits on the skin of the face. But you also have to take into account the ideal portion to consume the green like this. This should do to avoid excessive consumption and make health conditions unstable.

  1. Improve probiotic function

Probiotics are good bacteria that support function in the intestine. Usually probiotics will facilitate food processing and absorption of all nutrients in the intestine. This will also support the balance of bacteria in your body. Hormonal acne often arises from various bacteria in the body that are not balanced and affect your hormones. You can consume probiotics through yogurt or other dairy products.

  1. Healthy lifestyle

This is the most important way to deal with hormonal zits. You have to manage your lifestyle in a healthier way. Avoid consuming alcohol, smoking, and regulating your hours of sleep very well. A healthy lifestyle will make the hormones in the body look more stable.


Those are some ways to deal with hormonal zits that you can do quite easily. You should also consult a dermatologist to get better treatment.

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