The categories and headaches treatment methods you should know

Unhealthy lifestyles usually have a negative impact on body health. Headaches become one of the types of diseases that often experienced by many people. Headaches can, of course, occur anywhere on the head. In fact, you can also feel a headache in the back of the head that radiates to the neck. In addition, you should also know that the headaches that occur can last for several hours. This should consider very detrimental to many people. Some people might assume that excessive headaches will require special treatment. Headaches treatment usually should get through several recommendations.

Category of headaches

Before performing treatment, you should consider several categories of headaches. Moreover, this will also provide an important influence on the treatment carried out. In addition, you also have several special methods that adjusted to the conditions of the headaches. Some of the categories of headaches that you should apply usually consist of:

1. Migraine

This is one part of the headaches that often felt. Migraine should characterized by throbbing headaches that appear only on one side of the head. This headache can last for several hours. The thing you have to remember is that migraine sufferers can also experience nausea, vomiting to be sensitive to noise or light. A number of factors can trigger migraine attacks usually consisting of stress, fatigue, poor sleep quality, smoking habits to excessive alcohol consumption.

2. Cluster headaches

You also have to take into account the cluster headaches that usually felt on one side of the head only. The thing that distinguishes from migraine, of course, pain due to this condition can occur suddenly and tend to felt behind the eyes or the area around the eyes. Cluster headache attacks can last around 15 minutes to 3 hours. This condition often wakes the sufferer from sleep due to unbearable pain. There are a number of factors that can affect other people experiencing cluster headaches such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and others.

3. Tension headaches

Headaches that fall into this category should consider the most commonly experienced by many people. People with headaches will usually feel pain on both sides of the head, behind the eyes to the neck. Usually excessive stress is one of the triggers for tension headaches. This type of headache can last for 30 minutes to several days.

Headaches treatment you have to do

You have the opportunity to apply headaches treatment very easily. In fact, the method applied does not have excessive side effects. Usually this method should do in a natural way. Some recommendations from headaches treatment that can do consist of:

1. Rest in a dark room

You can try this method if you feel excessive headaches. Maybe you can start by looking for a place that is quiet and quite dark. In fact, excessive light from lights or other devices will cause headaches.

2. Do a massage

Another method you can do is by applying gentle massage. Usually the part that gets this massage should apply to the temples, neck, shoulders to head. Do the massage for about 30 minutes.

3. Apply compresses

You can try to apply compresses on the head that has excessive pain. You can use warm or cold compresses for a long time. Do it regularly to get better results.

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