Symptoms of depression that will affect quality of life

Lifestyle changes that tend to be drastic will create new phenomena in the lives of each individual. One of them is the potential of the ministry which considered having a major impact in determining the quality of life for a considerable period of time. Depression still considered a problem rooted in an unhealthy mind. Of course this affects changes in physical conditions. In fact, some people who experience severe depression will have a greater likelihood of heart disease. Conditions like this of course will make you have to take into account the depression symptoms that can sometimes arise. Knowledge of symptoms of depression also considered to determine the ideal treatment.

symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression that must considered

Actually there are many symptoms of depression that do reflect the quality of life of a person. However, such symptoms should take into consideration in providing better treatment. If you know or even have depression symptoms, you should immediately take medical or non-medical treatment. Indeed the categories of symptoms that originate from depression do vary. This will also depend on physical and psychological conditions. The following are some symptoms of depression that must always considered providing better treatment, such as:

  1. Experiencing excess weight gain

This is one of the symptoms of depression which indeed considered having a very bad impact on the health of the body. People who are depressed will tend to do emotional eating. This indicated by consuming nutrients that only want to satisfy emotions for a moment. In fact, some people think that by consuming a menu with good taste will provide peace in a long time. These types of foods usually contain more calories or carbohydrates than vitamins or proteins that metabolism really needs. Moreover, this condition still considered normal by some individuals.

  1. Sensitive to any pain

Personal who is depressed will show other symptoms such as being sensitive or more sensitive in feeling any pain. This kind of stimulation often occurs in individuals who experience changes in the body’s nerves. Usually the pain experienced by depressed people such as back pain, the neck to the outer skin. The higher the pressure or pain experienced by that person, the greater the level of depression. In fact, there are some people who experience acute depression considered to have an unhealthy physical condition because they can get very sensitive stimuli.

  1. More thinking about virtual life

Another symptoms of depression usually that tends to originate from lifestyle is to prefer a virtual life. This method often done prefer to use social media for a longer period of time than having to interact with people are in a social environment. People like this will try to create their own world with the desired pattern. In fact, the environment displayed is sometimes very different compared to real life. Acute depression will also affect the pattern of life that carried out by preferring to be in cyberspace. You can pay attention to these symptoms in people who do spend more time using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

  1. Tend to be easily angry

Many studies show that people with high depression will have symptoms of irritability. In fact, most of these people will try to find enemies by making debates that assume that their opinions feel more real. The more often the person is debating from a small matter then this will show symptoms of the level of depression experienced. Some other actions that affected by this condition usually do not accept other people’s conditions better.

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