Symptoms and Prevention of Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is one type of disease that must watched out. Moreover, this cancer attacks the throat. If you have this cancer, it will be difficult to swallow food or drink. So the body will be difficult to eat food. Symptoms of this cancer are usually very easy to see, such as starting to grow a small lump in the neck. This lump will be very visible on our neck. Actually this disease is very rare in Indonesia, but it is better to prevent than cure. But if it has attacked the initial symptoms should treated so that the disease is not too far developed.

throat cancer

Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Symptoms of throat cancer that actually appears vary, depending on the type of this cancer itself. Cancer can appear through inflammation in the throat. This inflammation commonly called tonsillitis. Of the tonsils that continue to grow and are increasingly difficult to cure, it can grow bigger and cause cancer. Starting from the inflammation, it actually starts to feel difficult to consume food. Try to imagine if you get cancer, then the process of swallowing food will be even more difficult and your nutritional intake will be even less.

Other symptoms of throat cancer are like starting to change someone’s voice. Usually a sound change will occur if you have the flu. When exposed to the flu, we will underestimate, but sometimes without realizing it is one symptom that indicates that this cancer will occur. We must know that if you have a cold and the sound changes, the change will not last long. So if within a week the sound doesn’t come back, it’s best to check with your doctor to find out why the sound disappears. Physical changes will very clearly visible in the head, neck and nose.

Most symptoms of throat cancer that feel the same as normal pain are not too serious. So that many people ignore this symptom, until one day it discovered that it was a symptom of cancer. Therefore, you should always be aware that there will be no regrets later. Symptoms that are quite serious can mark by the presence of blood coming out of the throat when coughing. The pain felt by the throat is also very disturbing, especially if you are coughing. If this lasts a long time, you should consult a doctor to get further treatment.


Prevention of Throat Cancer

Usually throat cancer caused by frequent smoking, consuming liquor, consuming foods that contain lots of preservatives, and drinks containing artificial sweeteners. For a smoker, maybe if you don’t smoke one day, you feel something is missing. But it must known smoking also one of the causes of the symptoms of this cancer. So it is better to reduce the risk of cancer, so reduce your cigarettes too. Because cigarette smoke contains nicotine is quite dangerous. Even not for the throat alone, the body too if you consume too much cigarettes is not good.

Maybe some people in Indonesia rarely consume liquor. But in reality, there are still people who consume liquor for personal needs. Alcohol can use for external medicine, but if you drink alcohol it becomes a source of symptoms of this cancer. Actually it would be better if you apply a healthy lifestyle. So that the body stays healthy and the disease will not enter the body. In addition, consuming foods made from preservatives is very bad for the body. When eating, the throat is the second process that must pass after the food chewed. Therefore, it is better to prevent cancer of the throat by reducing the consumption of these foods.

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