Some triggers of heart disease that must avoided early on

heart disease

Heart disease can affect anyone. In fact, increasingly changing times like the current disease can also have an impact at a young age. Moreover, this also related to lifestyles and unhealthy eating patterns. You must have gotten information relating to early warning of the disease and how to overcome them. Heart disease that comes suddenly will indeed relate to triggers. There are many triggers of the disease that you can actually avoid easily. The method you have to do also will not require a very large cost. Various triggers for the disease will indeed have a very big impact on your health.

heart disease

Triggers of heart disease that you should know

Some doctors and literature reveal that there are enough triggers that can make you have a heart attack. Triggers like this always related to your habits and lifestyle. The healthier lifestyle you apply will certainly have a good impact on your health. Vice versa, if you prefer to run an unhealthy lifestyle then it will have a very bad impact. Here are 4 triggers for heart disease that you should avoid early on, consisting of:

  1. Excessive stress

You should know that excessive stress is one of the triggers for heart disease that most often experienced by many people. Stress like this will affect the condition of the mind until the whole body’s health. If someone experiences excessive stress, it will disrupt metabolism. This will have an impact on the hormone kristol or adrenaline which released in the whole body becomes very excessive. Of course this will have an impact on inflammation in several parts of the body, including the heart. A heart attack will easily come until it will make the condition worse. In addition, stress also considered to reduce the performance of the heart when it pumps blood which results in blood awareness becoming not smooth.

  1. Consumption of Tran’s fat is too excessive

The type of food that enters the body can also be a trigger of heart disease. One of them is excessive consumption of Tran’s fat. This type of fat usually found in several food variants. Ideally, Tran’s fat you can consume is only 1-2 percent. More than Tran’s fat will have a very bad impact. Some of the effects that you can feel, of course, increased bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. Excess Tran’s fat will also make good cholesterol or HDL levels will decrease in your body. This type of Tran’s fat becomes a product that considered synthesis and has a negative impact on heart health. You should consult a nutritionist to find out the amount of Trans fat your body needs.

  1. Lack of healthy protein and vitamins

Protein and vitamins will be nutrients that needed for metabolism and heart health. Of course you will also consume protein sources with a predetermined portion. Heart health will decrease if you experience a lack of protein. This usually related to the nutrients needed to carry out daily activities. If you experience a lack of protein the heart will experience a lack of energy to maximize performance. This will have an impact on the circulation of blood in your body. The more often you do physical activities will usually require a considerable amount of protein.

  1. Excessive sugar consumption

Sugar also considered as one of the triggers of heart disease. Consuming foods or drinks that contain excess sugar will give a very bad effect. This of course has an impact on various other diseases in your body. Excessive sugar consumption will lead to obesity, increased blood pressure, damage to blood vessels, blood sugar levels that continue to increase until glaucoma or blindness. If you consume excessive sugar, this will have an impact on heart health. Improper circulation of blood has a bad effect. Usually excessive sugar levels will come from the food patterns that you apply.

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