Some benefits of olive oil that you must know

Olive oil is one of the preparations derived from olives. This oil can only obtained from native trees that grow in the Mediterranean region. The best nutritional content in this oil makes many people use it as an important ingredient for cooking. Moreover, this oil also does not have side effects like those of palm oil in general. In addition, olive oil should also often used for beauty and health. Actually there are many benefits of olive oil that you can get very easily. Of course this if the application of natural ingredients should do regularly.

benefits of olive oil

Benefits of olive oil for beauty and health

The content of olive oil is composed of many important nutrients. Some nutrients and compounds important for health and beauty that consist of vitamin K, vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 to iron. All of these nutrients will help maintain good health. However, there are also some users of olive oil who want to get the beauty properties. Here are 5 benefits of olive oil that you might consider, such as:

  1. Overcoming blackish lips

One of the benefits of olive oil is to overcome the black lips. Usually this condition often occurs because the lips lack nutrition. In addition, there is also the impact of the condition of the body which is not good so that the lips are too dry. The content of vitamin E and vitamin K in olive oil will help you to overcome the blackness on the lips. You only need to apply the olive oil evenly. Do it regularly to get maximum results.

  1. Maintaining healthy hair

Olive oil can also used to maintain healthy hair. There are several benefits that you can get for hair in the use of olive oil. Some of them such as overcoming hair loss reduce branching hair, overcome dry hair to make hair thicker. The content of vitamin E in olive oil will help you get various benefits in hair care.

  1. Make eyebrows thicker

Another benefit of olive oil that you can get is to make your eyebrows thicker. There are many people who want thick eyebrows. In fact, not a few of them are willing to do minor surgery. You can use olive oil to make eyebrows look thicker. The content of vitamin E in olive oil will help you to get better eyebrow conditions. Important nutrients like this will also make the growth of the eyebrows better.

  1. Tighten the facial skin

You should know that olive oil has anti-oxidant properties that help the skin become firmer. In addition, the content of linoleic substances is also very much needed skin health on the face. This nutrient will control the water content found in the facial skin. This will actually provide important benefits because the moisture of the facial skin can maintained very well. To get better results you should apply olive oil evenly on the facial skin. Avoid using other chemicals when applying this olive oil.

  1. Smooth the surface of the facial skin

Various vitamins found in olive oil content also considered to help you in maintaining facial skin. In fact, you can also use it regularly to get better results. The content of vitamin A, vitamin E to vitamin C in olive oil will be a nutrient that should needed by skin health. Of course, use of olive oil must do regularly. In addition, try to avoid adding other chemicals after using olive oil. Usually the surface skin condition will change within 3 weeks of regular use.

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