Let’s Recognize the Corona Virus and Prevent Its Spread!

Recognize the Corona Virus

Let’s Recognize the Corona Virus

Today, the world has been shocked by a new dangerous virus, Covid-19 or Corona. What is it exactly? Is it really dangerous? Well, everything about this virus will be explained in detail in this article. Check it out!

What is a virus of Corona in general?
Covid 2019 or Corona is a virus that attacks the human respiratory system. This virus is certainly different from other viruses. This virus has high virulence or the ability to cause fatal diseases.
In fact, this virus is dangerous if it has entered and damaged the function of the lungs, or known as Pneumonia, which is an acute infection or inflammation in the lung tissue caused by viruses and various other microorganisms, such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, and others.

Oxygen exchange cannot occur so people experience respiratory failure. That is why this virus is severe because it no longer only causes flu or influenza but it causes Pneumonia.
How dangerous is the virus of Corona?
To date, there have been 3,198 deaths caused by the virus of Corona. However, WHO states that the death rate is lower than SARS, where the danger level of the virus is around 2 percent.
WHO also said that in general, the virus originating from China usually attacks those aged over 60 years. This virus also usually attacks those who are suffering from other diseases.

Symptoms of corona

The main symptoms

The virus of Corona has symptoms that can appear two to 14 days after exposure. It takes 14 days to ensure a positive person is infected with this virus. The main symptoms to watch out for are:

  • Cough
  • Out of breath
  • Fever with high temperatures reaches 38 degrees celsius or more
  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Feel unwell

It should be noted, the virus of Corona can cause severe symptoms. Infection can turn into bronchitis and pneumonia due to the virus of Corona.
If you have experienced these symptoms, you should check with medical personnel and need to isolate yourself. For people infected with this virus have the following risks:
80 percent will have a mild illness and recover completely within a few weeks
14 percent will have more severe disease
6 percent will have critical illness

Further Symptoms

The severity of Corona symptoms can range from very mild to severe, and some people do not show any symptoms. Symptoms of this virus are more similar to respiratory diseases, such as influenza.
This virus will show more serious signs and should immediately get medical help. The emergency warning signs are:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain or persistent pressure in the chest
  • Confusion or inability to rise
  • Lips or faces turn blue

If you have symptoms of this virus, you should stay or quarantine yourself at home for 7 days to 14 days. You must stay at home to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus of Corona to others.

Corona treatment

Unfortunately, until now there has been no cure for the virus of Corona. Scientists are still developing vaccines to ward off and treat viral infections. The most possible effort now is to relieve the symptoms that arise.
Some efforts to handle virus infection of Corona include:
Provide fever and pain relievers for patients;
Patients are expected to rest sufficiently and be isolated from others so that the virus does not spread;
The patient must drink more water so that the fever goes down and is not dehydrated;
The patient is recommended to take a warm bath and sleep in a humid room so that the cough and sore throat do not get worse.

Prevent Corona Virus with 5 Steps

The spread of this virus from country to country is very fast. Moreover, at this time coronavirus has entered Indonesia. To prevent the spread of the virus of Corona, let’s do the 5 steps below:

Washing hands
Make yourself clean of germs, although it can not be avoided at least you can maintain the cleanliness of your hands by diligently washing your hands using soap. It would be better if you use antiseptic soap. You can also use hand sanitizers before and after your activities.

Not touching the face
Avoid touching the nose, mouth, especially to rub your eyes. Wash your hands first with soap first.

Using a Mask
Use a mask if you start to feel a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. This is to reduce its spread. Do not reuse a mask that has been used for more than 1 day, or discard your mask immediately if it feels unclean because bacteria will grow on the inside of the mask if used for too long.

Eating healthy and hygienic foods
You can eat fruits and vegetables, make sure you wash them properly. If you don’t have time to eat fruit, you can drink fruit juice.

Maintaining Health and enough rest
Try to drink water at least 1.5 L per day and consume vitamins to maintain immunity. Then, Make sure you rest at least 7 hours every day (for adults 18-64 years) and 8-hours/day for 14-17 years. Well, those are everything about the virus of Corona. Always keep your health! see also the kitchen design if you like to proceed.

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