Protecting Ourselves from COVID-19


Protecting Ourselves from COVID-19

The world is currently haunted and terrorized by a deadly pandemic. The corona itself is a virus family strain that has already existed for a long time ago. SARS and MERS that struck the world in the past was part of the coronavirus family strain as well. Unlike before, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread faster than SARS even though SARS shows more deadly symptoms than the current one. We need to secure ourselves from this disease. Otherwise, we can get infected without even realizing it. It will be best if we know what symptoms COVID-19 show, and how can we defend ourselves from this disease.

Knowing the symptoms
Knowing the symptoms of COVID-19 are necessary. Because some of the symptoms have some similarities with other diseases. Most people could make a mistake when identifying which ones are the COVID-19 symptoms, and which ones are not, such as regular flu and influenza. Avoiding mistakes in identifying could save our lives and people around us as well. That is why knowing the symptoms are necessary during this deadly pandemic outbreak. Otherwise, the condition will get worse even before we can give the first treatment.

As we can see, the common symptoms of COVID-19 show in 2-14 days after the exposure. Some people will start coughing even though their throat is dry. They will feel tired faster and start getting a fever. The symptoms were light, but more will appear stage by stage. Some people will feel some aches and pains as they feel weak to stand up. Their nose will feel runny, got nasal congestion, and hard to breathe. They will also feel sore throat or diarrhea.

Some of the infected people don’t even show the symptoms, and they feel healthy as their usual and daily state. Luckily, most of the people recovered even without special treatment, and only one out of six people show deadlier symptoms such as mentioned before. Elderly or people who have other disease histories, such as asthma, are the ones who possibly can get the worse symptoms.

If the symptoms or you feel hard to breathe, pain in the chest, feeling weak to stand up, or your face turns bluish. It is advised to call the emergency numbers that your government provides if you require immediate medical assistance as quickly as possible. Elderly people or people who have medical treatment history are the ones that should be prioritized first.

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Protecting ourselves and surrounding from COVID-19
The best way to protect ourselves from corona, the recent virus outbreak that currently still haunting the world, is to follow the instructions from the government. Every government in every country is working together with the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate this outbreak.

They will provide us some information that necessary to know, so we can protect ourselves and our family away from getting exposed to this disease. The WHO also instructed to call any emergency numbers that your government provides if someone shows the symptoms of COVID-19, such as people who suddenly collapsed when you’re looking out the window.

One of the ways to prevent ourselves from getting exposed to COVID-19 that government advice is to do the social distancing, which means away from people at least a meter from them. The best way is we should lock ourselves inside the house, and we shouldn’t leave the house if there’s no urgent business to do. We should always clean our hands with water and soap that contain alcohol-based antiseptic. Because alcohol is the best way to kill something smaller than bacteria.

If you’re feeling sick, it will be best to stay at home and keep a distance between you and the people around you. Follow the ethics when we’re coughing or sneezing by closing our mouth. With that, we could protect other people from the corona disease. Because the virus spread through sparks such as coughing and sneezing. Use mask if you got some cough. Usually, the symptoms were lighter for young people and adults. However, if you have a medical issue history before, you will have some risk to feel some of the worse symptoms. If you are feeling that, it is best to call the emergency number, especially if you need a quick treatment as soon as possible.

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