Protecting Children from Asbestos: What Happens If They Inhale Asbestos?

If asbestos fibers are inhaled then several decades later one person can develop lung cancer or mesothelioma, which is known as the tumor of the membrane surrounding the lungs. At the moment, there is no cure for mesothelioma.

Not everyone will Develop Asbestos-caused Disease

Basically not all people that have been exposed to asbestos will develop asbestos related disease. In order to develop such diseases, it is necessary to inhale some amount of asbestos. If you inhale just small amount of asbestos in short time, then your risk for developing the disease is so small. Actually, the majority of people that inhale asbestos will not develop any disease. Even among workers that have been exposed to large amount of Asbestos over an extended period of time, only some of them will actually develop asbestos related disease. As such, you do not need to worry too much about developing the diseases. It is advisable, when possible, to stay away from asbestos containing products, however that does mean that just single fiber will be hazardous.

You cannot See Asbestos Fibers through X-ray Scans

X-ray tests are the only effective in identifying asbestos caused diseases decades subsequent to the exposure has occurred. An X-ray will not show whether you have inhaled asbestos fibers or not. It is advisable to avoid having an x-ray since it cannot show whether you have been exposed to the fibers and it can have adverse side impacts in its own rights. It does take long time for asbestos related disease to develop. Most people have no signs or symptoms for at least the first ten years after the initial exposure. Catarrh or coughs may be experienced during the period that asbestos fibers are being ingested. However, once the asbestos exposure has finished then any cough may be likely to be the result of something else, such as dirt or dust.

The Prevention of Asbestos Related Disease

There are a number of measure which you can take to prevent asbestos related disease. First, you should try to avoid the asbestos related products. Tobacco also has been found to correlate positively with the risk of developing asbestos related disease-so do not smoke or even inhale tobacco smoke. Tobacco can cause thousands of health issues. When someone smokes and inhales the fibers then the risk of developing lung cancer will double considerably. The other important points to note are to avoid smoking and avoid tobacco smoke.

Materials which contain asbestos are just everywhere in our life. Presumably asbestos has been found in your family works in areas related to asbestos or school. Presumably you or somebody in your family has been exposed to asbestos. You may be concerned that you can develop asbestos related health ailments.

If you have been exposed to asbestos fibers then your risk of disease is so small. You still can continue to have normal life as you had before.  But, it is important that you try avoiding any possible exposure to asbestos. If you are concerned about anything related to asbestos, why don’t you talk to someone?

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