List of Foods that Cause Acne on the Face

foods that cause acne on the face

Food can be one of the causes of acne on the skin. Especially if these foods contain lots of nutrients affect the development of hormones in the body. Usually foods with too high protein and fat content will make facial skin tend to be oily and acne. This makes you have to consider the best nutrients consumed every day. The following are the types of foods that cause acne on the face that you should know, such as:

foods that cause acne on the face

  1. Dairy products

Until now there are many choices of foods made from dairy products. This type of food also practically packaged so that it is easier to consume. Some foods made from dairy products such as yogurt, various types of cheese, and ice cream. All of these foods considered to have very high fat and protein content. The content contained in dairy products can trigger the production of sebum in the skin tends to be excessive. This makes acne on the face very easy to appear. In fact, some people will experience oily facial skin when consuming this product in sufficient quantities.


  1. Foods with high sugar content

Sugar really needed by the body. However, the amount of sugar that enters the body also has ideal calculations. Foods with a high sugar content usually also affect the body’s condition, including the face. In fact, it will also have an impact on the condition of blood sugar in the body. The higher blood sugar levels in the body, the fat will also increase. This fat will make the skin condition look oily. This condition facilitates the appearance of pimples on the skin, especially on the face. Types of foods with high sugar content such as packaged snacks.


  1. Fat in meat

This is the type of foods that cause acne on the face that actually often consumed. Foods with high fat content are usually like innards, processed meat, and others. Fat that is high enough in food will affect blood sugar levels in the body. This also makes increasing the amount of sebum on the surface of the skin. For some people who experience sebum disorders in the skin, their skin will tend to be oily. The oil that covers the pores will potentially form new zits. In addition, excessive fat in the body will also inhibit blood circulation. This will disrupt the body’s hormones.


  1. Fast food

Maybe this type of food is excellent for some people. Moreover, the taste offered also considered more delicious. However, keep in mind that fast food such as fried chicken and French fries have very high saturated fat content. In fact, this type of food only has nutrients needed by the body’s metabolism. The process of serving with frying for a long time will make this food more and fat. The high amount of fat from these foods usually affects hormones and sebum in the skin. The thing to avoid is to consume fast food along with soda drinks.


That is the type of foods that cause acne on the face that must avoid. Actually there is no prohibition to consume all the food. However, consumption of these foods should be limited and begin to consider lots of vegetables and fruits. In addition, also calculate the amount of nutrients that comes with physical activity carried out every day.

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