List of Best Foods to Get Rid of Acne

foods to get rid of acne

The food you consume every day has a huge effect to support skin health.

There are many healthy food choices that can keep your skin fresh and free of pimples. Of course foods like this have very good vitamins and protein. In addition, processed foods are also very healthy because they do not contain excessive saturated fat. For example, you can get some foods to get rid of zits very easily. In fact, some of the food also does not have a very high price. Here are some foods to get rid of acne on the face such as:

foods to get rid of acne

  1. Various types of green vegetables

Vegetables are first in the list of foods to get rid of acne. You can get various important nutrients such as vitamin A from green vegetables. In fact, this green vegetable also has beta carotene which functions for antioxidants that can overcome acne. Moreover, these vegetables can also rejuvenate your skin. Some types of vegetables that good for your skin such as spinach, broccoli and others. You can consume directly as the main menu or make it as a mixture for smoothies. You should consume green vegetables every day. Serving from vegetables like this might boiled. This should do so that all nutrients and vitamins in the vegetable content can enter the body to the maximum.

  1. Sweet potato or cassava

Sweet potato or cassava is a creeper that can also consumed. Natural fibers found in these foods are very good for body and skin health. Moreover, some vitamins also come from sweet potatoes consist of Vitamins A and B. This type of vitamin needed for the skin to rejuvenate in a shorter time. The ideal consumption of this food is usually boiling. You can consume these foods twice a week so that the body’s fiber and skin needs met. The portion needed when consuming this type of food can also adjust to the condition of the body. Maybe you can get the ideal portion calculation according to the advice of a nutritionist.

  1. Carrot

This type of vegetable can also be foods to get rid of acne. Carrots contain vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium which needed for skin rejuvenation. In addition, these vegetables also contain ideal antioxidants that can prevent skin inflammation due to free radicals and various bacteria. You can consume carrots as a complementary vegetable in the main menu or consumed directly. These vegetable preparations should do with the decoction method to maintain the quality of vitamins and other nutrients.

  1. Papaya

This is one of the choices of fruits that you can get very easily. In fact, vitamin C contained in papaya fruit considered to have a very good impact on the health of the skin, especially on the face. Papaya also has beta carotene which will support natural skin rejuvenation. Natural fibers in papaya will make the skin brighter. You can consume this fruit every day after the main menu.


All choices from the list of foods to get rid of acne are very easy to get. Moreover, the cost that you spend is also not too large. You can consume this list of foods every day without worrying about the excessive side effects.

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