Learn More about Coronavirus Disease First, what is COVID-19?

What is COVID-19?


This is a new virus which also known as the severe acute respiratory syndrome was also identified as the cause of the disease outbreak. Firstly, founded in China and this disease has called as coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19.
This virus is one of coronaviruses types – a family of some viruses which can cause illness like common cold, MERS and SARS, as we all know that COVID-19 was reported to grow in several countries around the world. Even WHO also stated as the global pandemic during March 2020. There are several public health authorities such as CDC and WHO that keeping monitoring the situation and posting new updates along with the treatments and prevention actions in their websites where you can check them all.

How does this virus spread?
A new corona may start to spread from person to person among those who are in a closed contact. This disease was transmitted through the respiratory droplets when someone who got infected by this virus get sneezes or coughs as well. However, it is pretty unclear exactly how infectious this virus is.
What are the symptoms of COVID-19 to know?
The symptoms of COVID-19 could be pretty mild to severe including of shortness of breath, cough and fever. Even some people do not have symptoms at all. The symptoms may occur during 2 to 14 days after getting exposure.
Can COVID-19 be prevented?
Nowadays, there is no vaccine available for COVID-19. There is no recommended antiviral medication to treat this virus as well. The medication was directed to relive those symptoms.

What you do to avoid COVID-19?
WHO and CDC also highly recommended to follow some of precautions below to avoid COVID-19, such as:
–        You need to avoid the close contact around 6 feet with anyone who was sick or has those symptoms
–        Avoiding any mass gathering and big events
–        Keep the distance between you and other people if COVID-19 has spread in your community, especially if you have a higher risk with some conditions
–        Always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow when you cough. You have to throw the used tissue
–        Always washing your hands with a soap and water during 20 seconds, or using the alcohol-based sanitizers which contain at least around 60 percent of alcohol
–        Avoiding to touch your nose, eyes and mouths if your hands were not clean
–        Clean surfaces that you often touch everyday
–        You need to avoid eating raw meats or animal organs
–        If you visiting a market in areas which exposed with coronavirus cases recently, then you need to avoid get contacts with the live animals and surfaces that they touch.

If you have a chronic condition and having a higher risk of serious diseases, then you need to ask your doctor about best ways to protect yourself.
Can you travel in other countries?
It is may be. If you have a plan to travel internationally, then you have to check some public health authorities to get latest updates and advice. You need to look for the health advice which may be in a place where you have a plan to travel.

Things not to do
CDC also does not recommend that healthy people to wear a face mask to protect themselves from COVID-19. You need to wear a mask if the health care providers tell you to wear it.
What to do if you are or may be infected by COVID-19?
You have to follow some precautions to avoid this respiratory disease and COVID-19, such as washing your hands, cleaning surfaces that you often use, covering your cough and avoid to share your personal items. If you experience those symptoms or you may have been exposed with the virus which cause the COVID-19:
–        You have to contact your doctor immediately if you get those symptoms and you have been infected
–        Tell your doctor if you have the close contact with anyone who have diagnosed with COVID-19
–        Always tell your doctor if you are lately traveled or living in the area with the community spread of this virus
–        Call your clinic or doctor before you go to the appointment so that they can be prepared first and ensure others do not get infected

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