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The digestive tract of yours … that mysterious thirty-foot tube can hold more solutions for your personal health than most people could ever think of. Unluckily, most of us feed the taste buds before we actually think about how it really affects our digestion health. It is true, isn’t it? Most of us already have received our nutritional education from mass media, which influences us with tasty tastes which are designed to meet every expected convenience and craving. It is not mouth-gawking that we would simply forget the correlation between the quality of our digestion system as well as health and the quality of our food.

While it seems to be a simple formula on the issue, it is much deeper than you would think. That thirty-foot tube that makes up your digestion tract is the one responsible for delivering the essential components of what you consume on daily basis.

So this particular tube needs to be in fine condition so as to deliver the required nutrients to their important digestion and the absorption points. In order to really understand digestive health even better, we consulted with Nancy Spahr, the certified body ecologist, certified natural health practitioner, and certified colon hydrotherapist. She has learnt and seen the issue all from what is going on to what comes out at the healing center she manages.

Nancy Spahr’s Five Keys to Healthy Digestion System

First off, you need to choose fresh and fine organic foods. Nancy has witnessed tremendous changes when a lot of people go from boxed and also canned foods to organic, fresh whole foods as the part of body ecology program. There are two important points that you need to take into account, incorporating healthy mix of cooked and raw foods is indeed an important point. Raw foodshave their enzymes that are particularly essential when your body heals and may be rather low on enzymes in common.

Second, you need to chew thoroughly. The digestion of carbs (sugars, starches) starts in your saliva and enzymes. The required enzymes not only aid in breaking down your food, they also demolish bacteria. Most people do not chew thoroughly, making digestion even harder.

The other important tip is to understand the importance of HCI, stomach acid. The next stage of good digestion occurs in stomach and it is actually your stomach’s job to hold the food temporarily and begin breaking it down. The acid is essential for this particular digestion stage and while it does not digest food, it will trigger pepsin enzyme to break down proteins.

Lastly, you should pay attention to your digestion enzymes. Your food moves from your stomach to small intestine, where the majority of nutrients are naturally absorbed. Your pancreas generates digestive enzymes so that your stomach can digest carbs, proteins, and fats. It basically relies on liver and gallbladder for the bile which is important for the digestive process. LiveAmend is useful at this stage of digestion since it increases bile flow from gallbladder and liver.

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