General Symptoms and Transmission of Corona Virus

Transmission of Corona Virus

Transmission of Corona Virus

Corona has become a trending topic and it is being discussed by so many people in the world. This disease is called as Covid-19.  This disease actually was found for first time in 1960s. People who suffer with this disease usually will show some symptoms. The name of corona comes from Latin language. The meaning of this word is “halo” or “crown”. For humans, this disease usually occurs during early spring and also winter months.

People today know this disease as respiratory illness too. There are some symptoms that you will feel when you are infected with this virus. As we know today people in more than 70 countries in the world are being infected because of this disease and it can spread in a very fast time. When people have contact with people who are infected then it is easy to get this illness too. For all of you who want to know more about this disease and symptom, you can get information here. You can know more about general symptoms of this covid-19 and also the transmission from human to human.

General Symptoms of Covid-19
Symptoms can be categorized as mild symptoms and very dangerous symptoms. For all of you who get mild symptoms such as two until four days cold and flu, you can do your self-isolated in your own home and you should not go outside of your home or meeting people in 14 days to cut the spread of this disease.

You need to wait until you are free from all illnesses. However, some people can experience very dangerous symptoms because they also suffer with some other diseases such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and some other diseases. So, what are general symptoms that you can experience when you are infected with this disease?

·         Sneezing
·         Fatigue
·         Fever
·         Cough
·         Runny nose
·         Sore throat
·         Asthma

Sometime it just looks like you suffer with common flu or cough. In order to know whether you suffer with covid-19 or not, you really need to check your body condition. You need to go to the doctor and doctor will recommend you to do test to know that you suffer with disease or not. For all of you who suffer with some symptoms above, you can do very simple steps to decrease your illness such as:

·         Avoid smoking and you should not enter smoky areas
·         Drinking more water to make your throat better
·         Resting and you need to avoid overexertion too
·         Taking medicine to reduce your pain and also lower your fever by consuming paracetamol
·         You can apply clean humidifier for your room

When you go to the doctor, doctor can diagnose your body condition by doing blood and mucus from nose test.

Transmission of Covid-19

In order to know how to prevent this virus, you must understand first how this disease can be transferred from one person to others person. Corona can spread in fast time by using some ways such as:
·         Touching other people hand or shaking hands with people who are infected with this virus
·         Sneezing and coughing without covering your mouth because this disease can disperse from the air.
·         Touching nose after you touching object that is infected with this disease.
·         Contact with animal feces that is infected with this disease

In order to prevent the transmission, you need to do some ways such as you need to stay at your home for at least 14 days and you should not go outside when it is not needed.  You need to take a rest and you better increase you immune system by consuming vitamin and eating foods with high nutrition. You need to avoid close contact with people outside your home because we never know people who are infected with this virus. Some people who are infected don’t show yet some symptoms because they have good body immune.

When you suffer with cough and flu, it is better for you to wear mask when you go outside because you will not transfer you disease to other people. You need to maintain the hygiene in your home too by always cleaning your home and some objects regularly. You don’t need to worry when you are infected with this virus.  You should not be panic and you need to go to the hospital and get further treatment from people who are expert. By knowing more about corona, you can prevent and avoid this disease, Here’s important steps to anticipate the spread of this virus.


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