Everything to Know About Coronaviruses So Far

Corona or Coronaviruses are characterized as viruses that affect respiratory tracts. It attacks birds and mammals as well as humans. Experts associate this virus with several conditions such as common cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, and severe acute respiratory or SARS which now there is COVID-19 on the list as well.
Besides the respiratory tracts, the viruses can get into the gut. Until today, at least 70 years have passed by and the scientist has figured that the viruses can infect many creatures such as cats, dogs, cattle, pigs, horses, rats, and mice as well. And those animals can spread viruses to humans.

The viruses are responsible for common colds but lately, those are the culprit behind severe outbreaks. COVID-19 was the most recently revealed disease that has a lot to do with coronaviruses and an unhealthy daily lifestyle, it’s a kind of Pandemic Disease.
What are Coronaviruses?
A Coronavirus was initially isolated in 1937 and the researchers found that this virus is responsible for bronchitis in birds. That time, it devastated the whole poultry stocks. Later in 1960, scientists found HCoV or the viruses in humans.
The viruses were found in people’s nose with the common flu. The name was derived from its crown-like surface’s shape. Corona in Latin means crown or halo. According to the evidence, coronaviruses infection attack humans during winter and spring.

CDC or the Centers for Disease Control started to monitor the outbreak of a new virus from corona named SARS-CoV-2. This condition is later called COVID-19. The first case of this condition was found in Wuhan, China. Many people got this condition and it is contagious rapidly. In early 2020, the viruses passed around people in the US as well.
This is why the WHO or World Health Organization has declared that this condition is a public health emergency across the world. According to research, the first patient who caught the viruses was linked to an animal and seafood market.
The evidence suggested that animals were the initial transmitter which later humans pass it to one another. The information about the corona is still evolving from time to time since all medications and antivirus for this condition are still in long research.

More than anything, this condition can be fatal without a good understanding and awareness from one to another. Many people had died due to this illness and it is important to protect ourselves and others by staying at home while applying a healthy daily lifestyle.
This illness has a few stages of severity. More than 80 percent of people were experiencing mild disease and can recover overtime while applying a healthy daily lifestyle. Around 14 percent of patients experience severe disease that leads to breathlessness and pneumonia.
The critical stage was experienced by 5 percent of patients which includes septic shocks and respiratory failure even organ failures. Fatal cases had been getting into two percent of total patients. Some other viruses are highly contagious compared to corona. Still, this one spreads rapidly compared to other types especially if awareness is not well-raised.

Talking about COVID-19, there are a few symptoms that can be looked after. However, the symptoms may vary from one to another. Still, if you found these symptoms in your body, make sure you follow the recommended treatments and do a healthy daily lifestyle like washing your hands routinely.
The symptoms include cough, breathlessness, and fever. Once the infection occurred, a person may not know if the corona has injected itself. It takes 2 to 14 days to find symptoms. As we have mentioned earlier, medicines and vaccines are not found yet.

However, scientists have replicated the viruses so early detection can be found and treatment can be run earlier even though the symptoms are not showing up yet.
Several groups of people have higher risks to catch this condition compared to others. COVID-19 can easily affect young kids, elder people above 65 years old, and pregnant women. In children, the symptoms are commonly mild.
Some other symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, asthma, and sore throat. Resting and isolating yourself would be a good first move. Avoiding smoky areas and smoking while drinking plenty of water would help to minimize the possibility of getting transmitted from the corona.

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