Easy Ways to Prevent Acne Scars on the Face

prevent acne scars on the face

Acne scars usually appear because the wound caused by the action is not sterile during healing.

One of the reasons for this is to forcefully press on mature acne. Actually the act of suppressing acne strictly prohibited. In addition to causing acne scars, the action will actually make acne experience serious inflammation. This will also make other pimples appear around the scar. You should do some prevention of excessive acne scars. Some easy ways that can do to prevent acne scars on the face such as:

prevent acne scars on the face

  1. Do not forcefully press the zit

This is important advice to prevent acne scars on the face. Usually a few ripe pimples will have a very large size. In fact, in this phase it is very easy to get rid of acne. This is what causes many people to be very interested in removing the contents of zits by forcibly pressing. This action should do with a finger. In fact, when using a finger to remove the contents of acne is not necessarily sterile. This condition will actually make new bacteria into the acne section. When new bacteria enter, the potential for new acne will appear very large.

  1. Use drugs to reduce acne inflammation

You can also use acne medication to reduce inflammation. Usually acne inflammation occurs due to abnormal conditions on the skin that make acne bigger. The skin part also experiences large, reddish irritation. Phases like this usually make itching and sore all at once. You can use acne medications that can purchase at pharmacies to reduce inflammation. In fact, drugs like this can also reduce acne so that they don’t leave serious scars. To avoid excessive side effects, maybe you can try to use natural masks made from egg white, cucumber, tomatoes and others.

  1. Routine cleaning of the face

To prevent acne scars on the face you should clean your face regularly. There is now much facial cleansing soap that you can use to reduce inflammation to cure acne. Choose facial cleansing soap that is not too hard and is organic. Usually this kind of soap can also keep the skin moist and reduce irritation when the acne has a mature phase. Recommendations for cleaning facial skin usually 3 times a day such as you wake up in the morning, during the day and before going to bed. However, you can also clean facial skin after doing a lot of outdoor activities.

  1. Avoid using hard drugs

Another suggestion that can take into account to avoid the appearance of acne scars is to avoid using hard drugs on facial skin. You have to remember that drugs that have a reaction that is too fast to cleanse the skin usually have a very excessive content. In addition, conditions like this will actually leave marks not only on the acne but on very sensitive skin. Always use external drugs for acne that have indeed been through clinical testing. This should do to avoid very excessive side effects on the facial skin.


There are actually many other ways to prevent acne scars on the face. It strongly recommended keeping using natural methods without chemicals. To avoid excessive side effects, you should consult your skin condition to a dermatologist.

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