Easy Ways to Get Rid of Acne in the Nose

get rid of acne in the nose

Acne in the nose causes excessive pain and considered to interfere with appearance. Acne like this also has a larger size compared to pimples around the cheeks or forehead. One of the causes of acne that arises around the nose is usually excessive oil production on the skin to hormonal disorders. In addition, pimples arise on the nose are also accompanied by the number of blackheads attached. This will be very disturbing when you clean the nose with facial cleansing soap. Skin conditions that are very different for some people usually affect the period of acne on the nose. This makes you have to look for ways to get rid of acne in the nose.

get rid of acne in the nose

There are several ways to get rid of acne in the nose that you can apply very easily. Each of these methods only uses simple ingredients and does not cause side effects. The choice of ways that can do to eliminate and reduce acne inflammation in the nose such as:


  1. Clean your face regularly

Ways to get rid of acne in the nose like this is very easy to do. Especially if the face cleaned regularly for a long time usually have a better impact. However, you must consider several types of cleansing soap used. This should do to avoid excessive skin reactions or allergies to the ingredients used in cleansing soap. Perform facial cleansing with calculations 3 times every day. To get better results, you can clean your face before going to bed. Use cleansing soap that suits the condition and character of the skin. Do not force to use soap that has a very hard texture. It will actually damage the outer part of the skin.


  1. Using cucumber masks

The other of get rid of acne in the nose can also be done using natural ingredients. Usually ingredients like this will not give side effects or excessive allergies on the face. You can also get these natural ingredients very easily and at a lower cost. Cucumber is on of natural ingredients to make facial masks. Cucumber which has cleaned the skin then shredded until smooth. The results of grated then applied to the nose evenly and let stand for approximately 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Do this for 1-2 weeks. Masks like this can also used before you sleep to get maximum results.


  1. Eat vegetables and fruits

Healthy food is considered a natural remedy for get rid of acne in the nose. Moreover, skin also needs essential nutrients that make rejuvenation even easier. Some important nutrients for the skin are usually vitamins and proteins derived from green vegetables and fruits. There are many types of vegetables that can have good effects on the skin such as spinach, broccoli and others. The waste consumed also consists of oranges, apples, and others. We recommend that you consume all types of fruits and vegetables to avoid acne on the nose and reduce excessive inflammation.


Get rid of acne in the nose like that can done regularly with a fairly short time. However, if a method like this still makes the pimples on the nose not diminish you should do an examination at the dermatologist.

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