Causes, Prevention and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Many people who have become victims of this disease because they do not get fast and appropriate action. Usually people who have a bad lifestyle are very vulnerable to this disease. There are many symptoms of bowel cancer that commonly felt. One common symptom of colon cancer is excessive pain in the stomach. Many people think that excessive pain in the stomach is a normal stomach ache. Even though the pain that felt to be very excessive is likely there is cancer in your intestine.

Colon Cancer

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Another symptom of intestinal cancer is lack of appetite. Many people with bowel cancer are lazy to eat. If you feel the sign is better, you should see a doctor. This is because many people are very underestimating the symptoms of this one. Other symptoms are fever at night and frequent vomiting. However, if you feel these symptoms simultaneously, you will most likely have this one disease.


Causes of Colon Cancer

After you understand the symptoms of colon cancer, then you must also understand the causes of colon cancer. There are so many things that cause colon cancer. One of the causes of intestinal cancer is consuming foods that are not good for the body. These foods are generally instant foods that contain preservatives. Foods that contain preservatives should avoid as much as possible. This is because being harmful to the body these foods also have low levels of nutrition. But there are also those who affected by this disease because they are indeed descendants. For people who have family members who have had colon cancer, there is a possibility that the person has colon cancer.


Colon Cancer Treatment

If you already feel symptoms of colon cancer, then you also need to understand the treatment of colon cancer. There are many choices that you can use to treat colon cancer. The first choice is to use drugs. This method is indeed more widely used because it is quite cheap and also efficient. You can ask for medication from a doctor who is an expert in colon cancer. However, you usually have to take large amounts of medicine. Many people are lazy to consume large amounts of medicine. This is because consuming large amounts of medicine every day is very boring.

Other treatment options if you have symptoms of colon cancer are surgery. Treatment using surgery does require a large amount of money. You must have understood if the costs needed for surgery are very expensive. But even though it is expensive, this one method is indeed very effective and appropriate. That is because by way of surgery making cancer cells in the intestine can easily lifted. This treatment also has a very fast effect. Many people who have succeeded use this method.


Characteristics of Chronic Intestinal Cancer

Sometimes many people are not aware of the symptoms of existing bowel cancer and after the cancer falls into the chronic category the person just realized. There are many signs of chronic intestinal cancer that you can feel. One sign of cancer that is chronic is that the patient will feel very weak. In fact, many chronic cancer sufferers cannot move. Another feature of chronic intestinal cancer is that the body of the sufferer becomes thin. If it is included in the chronic category, action that can do quickly is surgery.

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