Causes and Treatment of Blood Cancer That You Should Know

blood cancer

Cancer of the blood or commonly known as leukemia is one of the other deadly diseases. All types of cancer initially caused by blood formed from cells and other tissues. Normally cells will grow and also divide, which will form new cells when the body needs these cells. Then the cells will grow old and die. Then the new cell will replace the dead cells. In that case, the spinal cord produces an abnormal number of white blood cells which then called leukemia cells.

Leukemia cells work normally, but then urge normal white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. So to make the work function of the blood becomes has burdened. But sometimes, this orderly process goes wrong. New cells continue to form when the body does not need them and cells that are old and which should die but not die. That’s when blood cancer appears. Until now, the cause of this cancer has not known for sure. But there are several factors that thought to trigger this cancer.

blood cancer

Causes of Blood Cancer

The first cause of blood cancer is because it often exposed to radiation, especially radiology employees who are often exposed to radiation not a few who contract this cancer. Besides that other cancer causes are leukemogenic which can increase the frequency of leukemia. Leukemogenic is a chemical such as industrial chemicals (insecticides), benzene, and drugs used for chemotherapy. People with Down syndrome also have a 20-fold greater risk of developing this cancer than normal people. There are several types of viruses that can cause a person to get this cancer. Like the feline leukemia virus, retrovirus, HTLV-1.


In addition to the causes of blood cancer, the symptoms of this cancer are also very important to know early so that you can get immediate treatment. Symptoms of this cancer generally felt each patient differently. However, in general the symptoms of cancer can conclude. Some of them are the first, sufferers often get anemia. Patients become tired faster, breathe faster, and pale. Patients breathe quickly because the supply of red blood cells is below normal, making them lack of oxygen.


Patients can also experience bleeding because blood clotting cells do not produce naturally and dominated by white blood cells. So that patients easily experience bleeding in the skin tissue. Patients are also susceptible to viral or bacterial infections because white blood cells do not function properly. In fact, the sufferer automatically complains of fever and cough and the discharge of white fluid from the nose. In addition, sufferers also often feel bone pain and joints and in the stomach. Patients also have the possibility of swelling of the lymph glands that occurs under the arms, chest, neck or others. After knowing the cause of blood cancer and its symptoms, then we know about how to treat this cancer.


How to treat blood cancer

After knowing the cause of blood cancer and its symptoms, then you will find out how to treat this cancer. Some people who convicted of developing cancer of the blood are not a few who feel hopeless to know that cancer has yet to have a cure. But not a few people who recover from cancer because of their persistence in fighting the desperation to recover. Actually, there are several methods of blood cancer treatment that should do. The method has 2 types, namely conventional and alternative blood cancer treatments.

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