Causes and Prevention of Lung Cancer

lung cancer

One dangerous disease now is lung cancer. Many people already suffer from this disease. It would be better if you understand the symptoms of this cancer that commonly felt. By understanding the symptoms of this cancer, it will make you better understand if there are problems in your body that are similar to the symptoms of this cancer. Today many people don’t understand the symptoms of this cancer at all.

Because there is no understanding of the symptoms of lung cancer, many people today are not alert. This disease could affect anyone. Understanding the symptoms allows you to take the right action if you feel uncomfortable with your lungs. With fast action, it makes this disease easy to cure. But if you are aware of getting this disease in the chronic category it will make it difficult for you to cure this disease. Many experts say that if it is in the chronic category it is very difficult to cure this dangerous disease.

lung cancer

Causes of Lung Cancer

There are so many things that can cause lung cancer. In general, these cancer patients are people who smoke. Indeed cigarettes are the main cause of this one cancer. The smokers are susceptible to this disease because they inhale too much cigarette smoke containing dangerous substances. In cigarettes also contained nicotine which makes a person very susceptible to this disease. What you should know is that for those of you who are not smokers, you can still affected by smoking if you are often in a place where there are many smokers. It would be better to avoid smoking because it is not good for your health.

For those of you who often smoke and feel the symptoms of lung cancer that is there then you better check yourself out. Another cause of this cancer is polluted air. Now the air in a big city is very polluting. Thus people who inhabit the city will also be vulnerable to this cancer. There is even an industrial city in China, where most of the population has this cancer. After doing a lot of research, it stated that the main cause of this cancer in the city is very dirty air which can even considered toxic.


Prevention of Lung Cancer That You Can Do

Seeing the many symptoms of lung cancer above does make you need to be vigilant. But there are many ways to prevent this cancer that you can do. One way you can do is not smoke. This one method is very effective because most people affected by this disease are smokers. Indeed, it is possible that smokers who are not active are also affected, but the possibility is very small unless the person is often associated with smokers. You also need to be aware that if you are dealing with someone who is smoking, you can absorb the smoke released by the smoker.

If you feel you are indeed a person who likes to smoke and feel symptoms of lung cancer, you better check yourself out. There are other efforts that you can do to prevent this cancer. The method is to use a mask when you go to a place that has dirty air. Having a mask makes dirt not easy to enter into the lungs.

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