Cause of Corona and How to Diagnose the Virus

Most of people in the world today start to talk about corona. It makes people can’t work outside. They must stay at home for long time and it gives effect to most of countries in the world. It really gives effect not only for people’s health but it gives effect to the economy field and some other things. This disease was firstly found in Wuhan and attacked big amount of people there. This disease then spread to other places in the world and today more than 70 places in the world has been infected with this disease. For all of you who want to know how to handle this disease, it is good for you to search information related with disease. It is good for you to know cause of this disease first so you know how to limit yourself and avoid to not being infected with this disease. Here you will get some information that you need to know more about this virus.


MERS-COV or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus Symptoms and Signs Infographics.

Cause of Coronavirus
When we want to find solution, we need to know the cause of Covid-19 first. Human first time can get corona from contact with animal that is infected with this disease. It can spread not only from animal to human but it can spread in fast time from human to human. Health official until now, don’t know the real cause of this disease can attack animal. This Covid-19 can spread through contact with some body contacts with people who are infected with this disease such as droplet in a serious cough. It can be caused too when you touch some things such as tables and some other things that person infected has touched before.

You will get infection too when you touch your hand and your moth or nose or eye when you have dirty hand. That is why you should keep your body from touching some things in public area. You need to limit to use your body part in touching door and other things and start to use other body parts. People are recommended to stay at their home and doing social distancing because it becomes the effective solution to cut the spread of this disease. After you know cause of this disease, you need to know too how corona can be diagnosed.

How it can be diagnosed?
Covid-19 can spread in fast time. That is why when you feel that you are not in good condition and you get some symptoms such as high fever, cough and also shortness in breath you need to contact your doctor and then check your body condition to know whether you are infected or not. You need to be isolated from certain time too and it will depend on your body condition.

The effective way to diagnose your disease is by going to the doctor. They will do test to you called as PCR test. It is effective test to check whether people get this corona or not.  Your doctor will tell you the result and when it is positive then you will need to stay at hospital to get some treatments there. For you who suffer with this disease but you are still in good condition, you will be recommended to do self-isolate in your home. You can do your own self-isolate to make your condition better time to time.

There are some people who ask whether this disease can be avoided or not. You can avoid this virus by doing social distancing and please stay at your home for certain time. You need to stay and isolate yourself at least 14 days to cut the spread of this virus. You can do some preventions such as:
–        Use mask when you go to outside of your home. You should avoid going to crowded area or public area.
–        You need to wash your hand very often and it is good to use hand sanitizer too to clean your hand. You need to wash your hand by using soap before eating and doing some other things.
–        You should avoid to touch your nose, eyes and mouth

You can do self-isolated to avoid and to make your body condition better time to time. You should not travel to the place where the Covid-19 is present. You need to go to your doctor when you get some symptoms of corona. It helps you to protect yourself from getting worst condition and also to protect other people that you love. It is time for us to understand more about this disease and it is better for us to start increasing immune system to avoid this virus.

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