Body-Based Therapies and Natural Medicines for Mesothelioma

Due to the rare occurrence, mesothelioma cases have urged researchers and specialists on the effects of alternative medication, which sadly has been quite limited. However, most patients diagnosed with mesothelioma opt for body-based therapies and natural medicine. Body-based treatments include the form of chiropractic, acupuncture, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Since each of these treatments pose particular impact and requirement, thorough understanding on the mesothelioma case diagnosed is deemed important.

Body-Based Therapies

This particular type of treatment includes the manipulation or the movement of one or several body parts to aid in relieving the pain of the joints and bones, the lymphatic and circulatory systems of your body and soft tissues.


The first type of body-based therapies is acupuncture. This is, as you should know, one of the most commonly chosen alternative therapies for treating asbestos-caused cancers of any types. an analysis in 2006 conducted on 11 asbestos related studies reported that acupuncture could bring down vomiting in patients that have experienced chemotherapy. Scientific evidence also corroborates that acupuncture have the potential of relieving chest pain- a particular symptom felt by sixty-four percent of patients of pleural mesothelioma.


The other type of body-based treated is chiropractic care. Patients of mesothelioma have reported that this treatment has relieved pain from headaches, stress, and tension. It will relieve the shortness of breath, the most general symptom related to asbestos-caused cancers.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, such treatment includes low-voltage electrical current for relieving pain, which is a common symptom of asbestos-related cancers, particularly around the tumor area.

Natural medicines

There are various types of natural medications which aim at relieving pain and some other symptoms related mesothelioma diagnosis. Some of the general medicines which are used by patients of mesothelioma that have experienced at least several levels of scientific research cover the followings.

First, let us start with celandine. This can be used as extract, tea, or tincture to boost the immune system and inhibit tumor growth. A report in 1993 issued by the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, points out how a woman that suffers from a number of metastases occurring in the lungs, which are similar to pleural mesothelioma, experienced celandine and chemotherapy, leading to complete remission.


Another type of natural medicine is the marshmallow root. It is often prescribed for persistent cough, which is a symptom reported by thirty-six percent of pleural mesothelioma patient. Also, you may be familiar with arsenicum album. This denotes a homeopathic solution which is prepared from a number of dilutions of arsenic trioxide which is effective for soothing tight chest muscles and making the bronchioles relaxed. This is truly beneficial for people that suffer from chest pain.

If Certain Alternative Treatment Is not Suitable for You

For someone that is not interested in any alternative treatments, the traditional methods, which include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, still are applicable. These are taken into account potentially curative options and have to be only carried out by professional and experienced specialists on mesothelioma.

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