Bad effects of lack of sleep for the health of the whole body

bad effects of lack of sleep

Sleep becomes an important cycle for the body’s metabolism. After doing various activities in a certain period of course the body also needs rest. Usually this gives a very good influence on cell growth to make psychological conditions better. Usually some hormones in the body will also affected by the amount of sleep needed. Of course you don’t need excessive sleep. However, the calculation of sleep time also adjusted to the condition of the body. If the body lacks rest time like sleeping, it will have a negative impact. Moreover, the bad effects of lack of sleep also affect the psychological to physical changes.

bad effects of lack of sleep

4 bad effects of lack of sleep

You have to know that lack of sleep can make the metabolism in the body stunted. In fact, if this left for a long enough period of course it will make the physical condition worse. Psychologically and physically disturbed conditions will usually make it difficult for you to carry out activities as usual. In fact, some people who experience difficulty sleeping will also experience undue physical changes. This should be a concern for you to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to adequate wasting time. Here are 4 bad effects of lack of sleep which can be important considerations for you such as:


  1. Interfering with the immune system

This is one of the bad effects of lack of sleep that you should know. During sleep or rest, the whole body will begin to produce antibodies to cytokines which function to fight all types of viruses or bacteria that enter the body. Of course if the body experiences a lack of time to sleep or rest this will affect the production of antibodies as a whole. If you have insufficient amounts of cytokines and antibodies it will usually have an effect on health conditions. The impact is of course you will be susceptible to various diseases. Such conditions will actually disrupt activities and all activities carried out.


  1. The nervous system disrupted

Disorders and other effects that are bad enough for health is the nervous system that disrupted. When sleeping, the brain will work hard to regulate new neuron pathways in all parts of the nerve. This usually occurs for all ages. If the neuron pathway that has formed is very good and works perfectly it will usually make you feel a more refreshed body condition. However, if your rest or sleep disrupted, the brain cannot make better neuron pathways. This of course will have a very bad effect. You will feel tired, lethargic and excessive drowsiness. In fact, several times your motor sensor will disrupt for a longer time.


  1. Increased excess weight

The other bad effect of lack of sleep is a very excessive increase in body weight. Conditions like this occur due to cardiovascular conditions that do not get support for better growth. This will cause the body to experience excessive weight gain. Of course these conditions will also affect other things such as a rapidly changing heart condition due to excessive accumulation of fat and high blood pressure. If you experience lack of sleep, of course, the body will produce hormones to chemicals that will be the cause of heart disease. This condition will harm you.


  1. Interfering with the respiratory system

You must know that lack of sleep in a long enough time will also make the respiratory system disrupted. Usually this will also occur in the condition of the body experiencing excessive performance. Some diseases will easily attack the respiratory system such as chronic lung, influenza and others. Of course this disease will get worse if you do not make lifestyle changes. The lungs also need an ideal working time while you sleep. Usually the pressure in the lungs will be normal during your rest.

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