How to Avoid Corona by Washing Your Hand in the Right Way?


Corona is the main issue in the world today. There are so many people suffering from disease and we find so many people dying because of this Covid 19. It spreads to all countries in the world. We know that it is not an easy task to stop the spread of this disease in fast time but when all people in the world try to do some prevention and healthy ways to avoid this virus, we can slow down the spread of this covid 19.

People need to wash their hands to avoid this disease. Washing your hands will be able to reduce the risk of infection from other people. Virus will be killed by the soap that we use to wash our hands. That is why washing our hand by using water is not enough. We need to wash our hands by using soap to kill all bacteria. For all of you who want to know step by step how to wash your hands in a good way, you can check information here.

Good Hand Washing Steps

According to WHO, you need to do simple tricks in washing your hand by doing some steps such as:

  • You need to wash your hand at least 40 seconds or 60 seconds
  • You need to wet your hand by using clean water
  • It is needed to apply enough soap to the all parts of your hand surfaces
  • You need to rub your palms together and then ensure that all lather builds up
  • You need to put the right palm over other hands and then interlace all fingers. You need to ensure that all fingers are clean and then you need to put left over the right too,
  • Interlace all of your fingers with palm to palm
  • Then you need to put the backs of all fingers facing the opposing palm. You need to check your nails too and make sure that you clean all of your nails
  • You can rotate rubbing all thumbs
  • You need to rotate rubbing to the backward and forwards
  • After you do all things and think that all parts of your fingers and hands are covered with soap, you can rinse your hand by using water.
  • You can use clean and dry towel to dry your hand

There are some questions related to the hand washing step. There are some people who ask whether people need to wash their hands by using hot water or not. Temperature is not an important thing that will influence the result when you wash your hand. What you need to consider is that you use proper soap. Temperature of your water will not affect the microbe and viruses on your hand. Warm or hot water will cause skin irritation especially when you wash your hand by using warm water several times per day.

Some people ask why soap is very important too when we wash our hands. As we know in fighting against corona, we need to use soap. Soap will be able to kill bacteria, microbes, grease and clean dirt too, which will increase the risk of getting some diseases including Covid 19.

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When You Need to Wash Your Hand? 

When is the best time for you to wash your hand? In order to avoid the spread of corona, you need to wash your hand at the following times:

  • After you blow your nose because you suffer with cough and sneeze
  • After you go outside of your home or you use public transportation
  • After you go to the market and touch so many things there.
  • After you touch all surfaces such as money and also parts of your home
  • Before and also after you visit a sick person.
  • Before you eat your foods

Washing your hand is important not only in order to avoid covid 19 but it makes you reduce risk to get some other diseases too. Today people can wash their hands in public areas too because we can find a place to wash our hands in a very easy way. It is also good for you to use hand sanitizer that contains alcohol to kill virus that cause covid 19. It is time for you to make yourself free from this Corona and help to stop the spread of this covid 19.

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