uterine cancer

Symptoms and Causes of Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is a very dangerous disease. Many people have become victims of this one disease. Many things you can do to avoid this disease. One of the things you…

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lung cancer

Causes and Prevention of Lung Cancer

One dangerous disease now is lung cancer. Many people already suffer from this disease. It would be better if you understand the symptoms of this cancer that commonly felt. By…

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blood cancer

Causes and Treatment of Blood Cancer That You Should Know

Cancer of the blood or commonly known as leukemia is one of the other deadly diseases. All types of cancer initially caused by blood formed from cells and other tissues….

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Colon Cancer

Causes, Prevention and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Many people who have become victims of this disease because they do not get fast and appropriate action. Usually people who have a bad lifestyle are very vulnerable to this…

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Easy way to shrink the stomach

Distended stomach is very annoying and experienced by many people. In addition to making it uncomfortable to do many activities, a distended stomach also affects the appearance to be quite…

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fruits for diet

Some choices of fruits for diet

Some choices of fruits for diet Vegetables and fruit are healthy menus that are very reliable for some people. Moreover, this type of food also contains lots of vitamins and…

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reducing weight

Some easy ways to reducing weight

There are many reducing weight methods that you can apply. Of course this method will usually take into account the conditions and ideal body weight needed. However, the main reason…

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lymph cancer

Symptoms and Prevention of Lymph Cancer

Cancer is a disease that feared by people because this disease can cause death. One cancer that is dangerous is lymph cancer. This cancer attacks the lymphatic system plays a…

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brain cancer

Characteristics of Brain Cancer You Must Know

Brain cancer is a dangerous disease that often attacks theorgans of the human body. This deadly disease certainly caused by cancer cellsthat eat away the brain, so that all the…

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get rid of acne in the nose

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Acne in the Nose

Acne in the nose causes excessive pain and considered to interfere with appearance. Acne like this also has a larger size compared to pimples around the cheeks or forehead. One…

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